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As reported by Catherine Spude, a former National Park Employee in an editorial to the Santa Fe New Mexican back in 2005, the Bush Administration now requires all new mid-level managers of the ...
by kimg
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Jesus said care for the sick, if they have papers It's possible. I haven't noticed too many other candidates who measure up to our guy, Rep. Steve Smith . A former state Senator, he moved to ...
by Mother Mags
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Sometimes, the news is so insane that it just is.. well, insane. No other word even fits. In order to graduate from High School, the proposal goes, Seniors must recount this simple oath: I, ...
by Chris Reeves
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Have you seen this yet? Where Arizona Republicans propose a bill that requires graduating high school students to swear a Christian oath or they don't get their diploma?
by Noddy
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Today in Israel thousands of Jews and Arabs stood together against the proposed "Loyalty Oaths" that the Israeli Cabinet at the urging of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor ...
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ALEC (All Legislation Enhancing Corporations) asked the legislators it appoints as state directors to raise their right wings and swear: “I will act with care and loyalty and put the interests of ...
by Leo W Gerard
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America is under violent attack from within by a growing number of armed extremists. Loyalty to country has become a quaint anachronism in some circles. ...
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So I was sitting back, catching up tonight, when I came across the diary about Arizona state legislators requiring high school students to recite a loyalty oath in order to get their diploma. I'm ...
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There's the good news and the bad news. Both come from today's meeting of the Israeli Cabinet. All come from articles in Haaretz .
by ramara
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I live in one of the few states that have open primaries, and as such we do not affilliate with any political party and are afforded the right to vote in either Republican or Democratic primaries so ...
by Easternshore Lib
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Monday, Nov 26, 2007 - 08:55 PM Elections Board OKs GOP loyalty oath for presidential primary By BOB LEWIS Richmond, VA - Voters in Virginia's Feb. 12 Republican ...
by BughouseWW
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Hello friends, Today's original Headzup cartoon deals with Hillary's staff planting questions at her campaign events.
by headzup
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I clicked on my school email account this afternoon and found a lovely subject line that read " Fwd: Will you give this to Daddy? " Awwwwwwwwwwww! The cute just spills out of the ...
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One sees more and more of this on Facebook:
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Enough has been said about Presidential candidate Mitt Romney 's religion. Yes, as a Latter Day Saint ( Mormon ), Romney adheres to beliefs that are ludicrous. Almost anything conceived by an ...
by MoGemStone
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