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If it's one thing that was branded on my brain at Netroots Nation 2010, it's that we must call out Republican lies immediately. If we don't, the lies become meme, the meme becomes narrative, and the ...
by Greek Goddess
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Ah, to be able to write like this person. The writer sent this in as a letter to the editor. Thank goodness they had the sense to publish it. Here is Satan's letter to Pat Robertson....
by Julie Gulden
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Wow, so this is how it's done! The election season was so disappointing because Democratic candidates couldn't seem to say in a simple, direct way why President Obama's policies have been good for ...
by itsnotbutter
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My oped on the failures of the Tea Party was published in the Juneau paper today. Here are a few paragraphs but go read the ...
by aprichard
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UPDATE: Please stop by Jerry Brown's Act Blue page (thanks to ridemybike for the reminder) Tonight is the final debate between Meg ...
by SanJoseLady
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Here's a letter to the editor submitted to my local newspaper today, in case anyone is interested (For those who may think it's "too early" to start holding Republicans accountable, since they haven'...
by wdrath
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My wife did a little shopping at the local drug store this afternoon and came home fuming because some jerk tried to ruin her day-- I think the LTE that she wrote in response to these events is ...
by tharu1
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Three years ago they were supporters of an administration that had absolute control over our government and kept the American public under its thumb with fear. Now they have to deal with watching ...
by SemDem
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I was hoping you could help out by giving comments on my father's letter to the editor (Lancaster , PA). Feel free to use it yourself if you like it: Dear Editor, Rep. Pitts has made broad ...
by dark11star
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by Al Rodgers
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As some of y'all know, I maintain a daily ritual of writing a LTE on climate change issues. This started on January 1st, 2010, and I'm now approaching the end of my second year. Frankly, it's a ...
by WarrenS
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That was the sub-headline written by Ed Tracey in this Diary . He explained: Just ask 9 year-...
by webranding
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I made a New Year's Resolution to Imagine Life Differently ... Imagine it Better ... and to Seek to Create that Better Life . As part ...
by A Siegel
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Here's today's special from the Climate Letter Project — a letter that was certain not to see print...but it sure was fun to write. The Times-Record-News of Wichita Falls, TX is reporting on ...
by WarrenS
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by Al Rodgers
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On Sunday, Sept. 2nd, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Op-Ed page rolled out the newsprint carpet to let "GOP Pollster" Kellyanne Conway argue that "The GOP can win women" . (This sprawling epic ...
by dweb8231
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The Boston Herald (my local Murdoch rag) recently ran an article from the Seattle Times on a problem with animals: SEATTLE — As climate change transforms their habitat, some animals are already ...
by WarrenS
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Yesterday evening, I wrote about the South Dakota Republican Party's latest attempt ...
by Aji
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by MikeBaseball
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Today is the deadline for voter registration in South Dakota, and we need your help to ensure that Native voters in get to register today! I've posted two other diaries on this issue,
by Aji
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