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I celebrated it in much the same way that I have spent oh so many days here over the past 8 years. I read multiple diaries, spending way too much time reading everyone's comments on those diaries. I ...
by AZGoob
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Ok! So you caught me! I have been identified as a lurker. I will fess up!
by dgsage
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I have been a passive part of this community since for years. DailyKos has been my homepage since November of 2003 when I was teetering between General Clark and Dr. Dean. I feel like I have been ...
by Aventinus
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This is my first foray into posting on Daily Kos or any other internet forum. I've long been a "lurker", reading diaries and sometimes comments, thinking critically about them, agreeing or ...
by mdgeorge
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by TX 2 CA 2 AZ
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by CarolDuhart
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If you are like me, you read this site daily to get real news and analysis from some of the smartest people in the world. I found this place when I thought the whole country had gone crazy, and ...
by vandemere
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Before I was Night Cat, I was a lurker on this website. In fact, I lurked for years, reading interesting diaries, but never bothering to set up an account. I am not sure exactly when I started ...
by night cat
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by CarolDuhart
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I have read several diaries on this website every day for as long as I can remember and feel a sense of urgency, of the kind that sees some complacency on the left. This week (with just more than ...
by UnapologeticObamaDem
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This post is not about Sexism or Feminism, it is about my experience in talking about them. I have had several ...
by the national gadfly
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Voters who are strong supporters of Obama must understand that we can ensure that Obama will exceed expectations as President if he has 60 votes in the Senate he can depend on. The Obama campaign ...
by TheGOPistheproblem
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I'm an incredibly long time lurker. This is my first diary post. So, be kind, but also be honest! Many of you have carried forth my arguments for certain issues that I care about. But, with this, ...
by bladesonly
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by sharpfork
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Longtime lurker and first time diarist wants to say something about what the Daily Kos means to him. And so he shall . . .
by shipwrecktheory
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by Lepidus
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