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Dear Father Andrew: We have shared the celebration of Mass of universal inclusion for 18 years. Homeless, doctors, addicts, plumbers, prostitutes, trash collectors, gang members, elderly, boomers,
by gchaucer2
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Good morning, kiddies! Pardon me for busting in like this. But, you see, I have a spot of good news on the Maine marriage-equality front. (Pardon me if this has already been diaried. If it has, ...
by Bill in Portland Maine
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So some teabag Republicans go into a middle school classroom... no, it isn't a joke... and no, the story does not end with a punchline...
by ptolemynm
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That's right. I said it. They called Native Americans savages and beasts and conducted a genocide against them. They called the Jews vermin and exterminated them. They call the blacks niggers, ...
by kevinpolk9
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by AdamGreen
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Stand for Marriage Maine is exceptionally dependent on just two large donors: ... NOM ... and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland (ME), from which it has received $529,666 .
by jpmassar
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Take a good look at that wedding certificate. It's my great grandparents'. They were married in the Episcopal Church on the 8th of November 1913 at the Church of Our Redeemer in Lexington, ...
by commonmass
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Our very own Bill Harnsberger has received the top editorial page honors in the Portland Press Herald today. Okay, maybe "...
by EJP in Maine
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Did you notice that a prominent Republican came out in support of a public insurance plan over the weekend? I didn't either, until just recently. I spotted the news in an update ...
by itskevin
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Many of you are probably aware that Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) delivered the GOP's weekly address this past weekend. You may also be aware that the subject of her address was to criticize the ...
by MeMeMeMeMe
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As most here know, the national Republican party has now officially endorsed a scheme to make it all but impossible for a Democrat to win the White House, by splitting up the electoral votes of ...
by Q Tip
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The US Department of labor has said that if Governor LePage of Maine is going to remove the mural from the state Labor Department he has ...
by Dash Riprock
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By Shenna Bellows, executive director, Maine Civil Liberties Union Maine was the first state to opt out of the REAL ID , a de facto national ...
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In case people haven't noticed the past few days, Doonesbury has been running strips featuring the big comeback of Jim Crow . While the mainstream media has largely ignored the Republican drive ...
by xaxnar
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By Shenna Bellows, Executive Director of the Maine Civil Liberties Union I’m 33, single, and I want to get married. But I don’t intend to do so until all the people I ...
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Maine Gov. Paul LePage recently falsely stated that horror author Stephen King doesn't live in Maine or pay taxes during a weekly radio address . "Remember who introduced ...
by FaithGardner
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I've just returned from over 15 hours jaunting around Maine. Out the door by 5:30 AM, back home at 9:00 PM. I have spent the day traveling to Orono and Bangor, in my official capacity, checking out ...
by Eddie in ME
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Conventional wisdom pushers and the beltway chattering class have been scrambling to explain the crushing defeat Republicans suffered in last night's off-year election. To hear them spin it, ...
by Karl Frisch
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(I am a blogger fellow for Brave New Films on their Sick For Profit campaign. Follow us on Facebook .
by dday
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by weatherdude
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