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by lapin
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Bombshell news coming out of Kuala Lumpur: In a press conference, the Malaysian PM not only confirmed that what happened was deliberate, but that the plane ended its flight in a volatile part of ...
by zenbassoon
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A very bright, enterprising and thoughtful man named Keith Ledgerwood has put forth a new theory about how Malaysia Air Flight 370 may have been able to traverse Central Asia without being detected:
by alysheba
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Mass graves highly thought to be those of migrant workers were found in Malaysia days after an amendment to the Trade Promotion Authority prohibiting human trafficking, child and slave labor, passed ...
by Stephen Benavides
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Earlier today, Malaysian officials dropped a bombshell. Based on a review of radio and radar data, the pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 radioed air traffic control in Kuala Lumpur for the last ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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There's still no word on the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared from radar last night. But earlier today, the story took a potentially frightening turn when it was revealed ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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I. Background: GOP Foreign Influence Peddling Senator John McCain has proved to be Jack Abramoff’s best friend. As Chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee ...
by leveymg
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UPDATE I want to thank everyone for sticking with me on this. Pretty much as expected, Russia, the Rebels and Ukraine have all blamed each other for what happened. There are no reports of ...
by Trobone
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I was very fortunate in the summer of 2004 to be a participant in a US government-funded study tour to Malaysia (peninsular) and Indonesia (Sumatra). The majority of the trip was in Malaysia, a ...
by annetteboardman
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FORCED LABOR IN THE PRODUCTION OF ELECTRONIC GOODS IN MALAYSIA A Comprehensive Study of Scope and Characteristics by Verité EXECUTIVE SUMMARY [Pg 9] The conditions faced by foreign ...
by jamess
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The Delaware Senate just finished pontificating for hours debating marriage equality legislation and ended with a 12-9 vote in favor. ( Update 2:45 PT : The Governor just signed it into law! See ...
by jpmassar
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I figure international news includes the United States. There's a pretty ...
by rserven
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The November 7 Malaysian high court decision that declared that Negeri Sembilan state religious officials violated the rights of three Malaysian transgender women's eight to dress as woman on ...
by rserven
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by jorndorff
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As America goes, so goes the world. At least, that's what it used to be. It seems that the reception of America by the rest of the world has grown increasingly cool -- freezing, even -- over the ...
by pensivepenguin
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Christian missionaries are making a mess in Malaysia by insisting upon the right to use the word "Allah" to refer to their particular variant of the Abrahamic deity. A two-year ...
by blueness
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by gobacktotexas
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Dems are fighting to see the Fine Print. Dems are fighting to add some Fine Print of their own -- specifically concerning the banning of "child labor" and the banning of "forced labor." And then ...
by jamess
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by Username4242
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by Vorkosigan
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