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Many were surprised to watch Meet The ...
by DSWright
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Deadly serious deja vu here. Time to go mano a mano with the right wing extremists determined to stick a knife in the back of the American Cancer Society . First, some critical ...
by nyceve
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The New York Times and New York's political class are often attacked as bastions of wealthy, out-of-touch elites whose world view is completely divorced from that of most middle-class Americans. ...
by davidsirota
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David Koch, co-owner of Koch Industries with his brother, Charles Koch, came into the spotlight again recently when ...
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Wikipedia tells us that the concept of a "permanent war economy" originated in 1944. Such a war economy, it was predicted, would be one in which there would be a post-WWII arms race. It was argued ...
by truong son traveler
Comment Count 33 comments on Sun Jan 13, 2008 at 01:55 AM PST with 38 Recommends
By Robert Greenwald and Jesse Lava Just in time for the release of Brave New Foundation's new film, Koch Brothers Exposed , Rush Limbaugh has thrown in with Charles and David Koch in their letter ...
by RobertGreenwald
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We now have proof that the same Koch Cabal that funds Donors Trust also fund both the Manhattan Institute and the Empire Center for NY Policy . Yes, we now have another new tool to track the money. ...
by War on Error
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First the dodgy Op-Ed, penned by one sketchy Candidate. You really don't have to read the "fine print" to get who's side Mr. Dodgy is on ... Let Detroit Go Bankrupt by MITT ROMNEY, Op-Ed ...
by jamess
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In today's Washington Post, there is ...
by trifecta
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by Miss Devore
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As a lineal descendant of Thomas Jefferson through his eldest daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph, I have watched with increasing concern as the Founders of this country have been undermined and ...
by pcinsc
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How utterly shocking that Judith "we were proved fu*king right" Miller has formally joined the right-of-center think tank, Manhattan Institute. How shocking this is....I found that her bio below ...
by Volvo Liberal
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Larry Summers for the Fed? Seriously? There are better choices for Federal Reserve chair; in particular, Janet Yellen is more than qualified and would do a great job. ( PS if you are reading this -
by davej
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A storm is brewing in Buffalo and it's not the record snow storm typically associated with upstate New York. Rather, it's taking place in the ivory tower of academia and revolves around hydraulic ...
by Steve Horn
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Soon to be ex-Newark Mayor Cory Booker gave the platform speech yesterday to the Democratic National Convention. But don't worry, this time Booker didn't call President Obama's campaign ads ...
by DSWright
Comment Count 13 comments on Wed Sep 05, 2012 at 11:22 AM PDT with 8 Recommends
All those big oil and gas supporters must be feeling threatened. On Thursday, Al Gore issued a challenge for America to produce 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energy and carbon-free ...
by coryDMI
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