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by One Pissed Off Liberal
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Voyager 1 has officially crossed the heliosphere, left our solar system and entered interstellar space. 35 years in the making!!! More here and here and ...
by Tickticker
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Note: This article is not my usual fare. If you're looking for a fun Shiz diary, this is not it. On the other hand, if you want to read something of substance and maybe even worth, read on. ----- ...
by Colorado is the Shiznit
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After years of traveling and studying the biology, ecology, and possible areas to be set aside for wilderness protection in Alaska with her husband Olaus, the Margaret and Olaus Murie celebrated ...
by akmk
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Hermann Goering once said, "Of course the people don't want war, but if you keep telling them that they're being attacked and that if they don't agree with what the government is doing they will be ...
by dolfin66
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It would have been inconceivable to a reasonably intelligent adult in 1968 that the U.S. wouldn't AT LEAST have a permanent base on the moon in 2007. The technology was in place, the value of the ...
by geoffrotull
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by zenbeer
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I remember the first time I heard his name on radio. 'OBAMA', she said, it was an Austrian reporter who went on to emphasize in her strong German accent that the candidate was black. I thought well,
by WateringTheRoses
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