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by kant
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IT IS fair to make presidential candidates squirm about dubious associations in debates. But the way ABC News moderators stretched Barack Obama on the rack for his ties to Rev. Jeremiah ...
by teacherken
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Mark Kleiman pointed me to a blog post at Muth's Truths, posted by Chuck Muth (how clearly is a serious Republican player), ...
by teacherken
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Gulag politics. The idea of locking up your opponents. In the old USSR it was political opponents and critics of the Communist regime. Perhaps it seems inappropriate to use that term here, in ...
by teacherken
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My good friend from college Mark Kleiman asks that question ...
by teacherken
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If the president assents to McChrystal’s request, he will void his promise of change at least so far as national security policy is concerned. The Afghanistan war will continue ...
by teacherken
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Yesterday Pope Benedict met with 5 victims of sexual abuse by priests. And today there is a lot of positive coverage of his actions. After all, the Roman Catholic Church in this country has been ...
by teacherken
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On Monday's episode of The Majority Report With Sam Seder , UCLA public ...
by Randle Aubrey
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