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Hang down your head, Mitt Romney? No way! After my sensational international debut, I, the GOP heir-presumptive, am taking a folk jamboree across America with my backup group The ...
by revbludge
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(To the tune of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Oh, is there not one maiden breast?" from The Pirates of Penzance ) Mitt Romney: Oh, is there not one British breast, That does not ...
by revbludge
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On top of Old Smoky They're digging for coal They'll tear up the mountain And swallow it whole They fill up the valleys With rubble and rock The runs will stop running The springs will be blocked ...
by Ahianne
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Milwaukee's Labor Martyrs who lost their lives in Freedom's Cause Frank Kunkel Frank Nowarcyk John ...
by JayRaye
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I made a music video envisioning Mitt Romney as a rapper named R Money who likes to rap about how wealthy he is. There is an interesting synchronicity between some aspects of hip hop culture and ...
by mroben
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To be sung to: In 20 & 12 Mitt took a little trip ...
by JayRaye
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I was inspired to write this parody by this rec list diary . The Tale of Willard Mitt's Pile Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a clueless twit, Who wants to be our president, ...
by kbman
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Parrotheads are, of course, followers of Jimmy Buffett. For parrotheads everywhere this song is presented, based on "Nautical Wheelers"
by brae70
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