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Matt Stoller has never been the most cautious or thorough of bloggers, but his recent post, "What Bugs Me About John Edwards," is ...
by david mizner
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The blogospheric rank-and-file has long been behind Edwards; now many of the influential bloggers are too. Although the movement to Edwards is happening too late to have any impact on Iowa, the ...
by david mizner
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[http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/01/eight-corporate-subsidies-in-the-fiscal-cliff-bill-from-goldman-sachs-to-disney-to-nascar.html THIS] was just posted over at Naked Capitalism in the past hour,
by bobswern
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So, now Matt Stoller wants a "conversation" about John and Elizabeth Edwards being "a little racist" and how they "owe" a blogger an explanation of why John's campaign isn't "gaining traction" in ...
by nannyboz
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Matt Stoler's new article is titled "What Democrats can do about Obama" and is one of the best pundit articles I have written all year. http://www.salon.com/news/politics/war_room/index.html?story=
by Edflugan
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PREFACE The following post is Part I of a three-part series on the implications of our government’s “solution(s)” to our nation’s mortgage/foreclosure crisis. Parts II and III will be ...
by bobswern
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Bad but true: the blogosphere has not, and will not, oppose Hillary Clinton. By blogosphere, I don't mean the rank-and-file (like me), who are overwhelmingly opposed to her. I mean those bloggers ...
by david mizner
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Today, I am pleased to announce, that after eight years in pre-production, a $250,000,000 budget that included the construction of a full-size replica of the Titanic, dozens of script re-writes from ...
by Chris Bowers
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Home­owners in foreclosure may have a better chance of getting a true trial, instead of a quickie judgment, following a 4th District Court of Appeal decision that requires banks to ...
by route66
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Usually it is the great bobswern who brings us news from the pages of Naked Capitalism. But I don't see one of his posts up today, so I thought I would bring today's readers one of the best pieces ...
by kaleidescope
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Last week, DailyKos had a diary that intentionally attempted to impugn John Edwards character. Unfortunately, the diarist used the perception of change in John Edwards to make a conclusion that I ...
by jsamuel
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I’m putting this out there as much to elicit other viewpoints (if they exist) as I am to let the community know about this eye-opening, Naked Capitalism must read from Roosevelt Institute fellow [...
by bobswern
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[NOTE: Naked Capitalism Publisher Yves Smith has provided written authorization to the publisher of this post to reproduce her blog’s original content in its entirety for the benefit of the ...
by bobswern
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Some days the stuff I read makes me think my eyeballs are going to bleed. This afternoon after a long bike ride along the Hudson River, I returned home to read ...
by nyceve
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Just a short diary here. Matt Stoller has a post up at Open Left worth reading: Did McCain Tamper with the Drug Enforcement Agency ...
by TomP
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cross-posted from Street Prophets Yesterday in Denver, Matt Stoller caught an ad for a party given by AT&T for Blue Dog ...
by Sara R
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Yes, please consider me a huge fan of Matt Stoller. He is a true progressive, and a brave and courageous Democrat, from the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. He is a truth teller, and has ...
by Badabing
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Although the jockying for position with women voters utilizing empty rhetoric that both parties engage in, isn't the only kabuki theater in town, it's the most recent. Matt Stoller uses this "battle ...
by scorpiorising
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[From the Frog Pond ] I agree with Matt Stoller's conclusions, although I take a ...
by BooMan23
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At TPM Cafe, Matt Stoller kicked off a discussion about the nature of the Netroots. Matt chose to ...
by Big Tent Democrat
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