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Hm, not sure if the Catholic men on the Supreme Court saw this one coming. But you know, unintended consequences and all. In a statement, the Satanic Temple said that it will use the Supreme Court��
by BruinKid
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After oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby case, I wrote a very misnamed but widely read diary in which I echoed Attorney and Ring of Fire radio host Mike Papantonio's argument that the SCOTUS would ...
by Man from Wasichustan
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Yesterday on my public Facebook page, I began following the story of Eden Foods (this is a good place to start ), an organic food company whose products are beloved by many friends, especially my ...
by Lollardfish
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It's my third favorite thing. (Things one and two are eating and sleeping.) Meanwhile, I love my two children and am grateful beyond expression that I have the ongoing experience of being their ...
by nancyjones
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The slide towards American theocracy was nudged one more step forward by today's Supreme Court decision in support of the "freedom" of corporations with "religious" beliefs to restrict the rights of ...
by chaunceydevega
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Short diary - but I had this idea that I wanted to share. There's been calls for boycotting Hobby Lobby, I certainly haven't shopped there since this all began, discussions here about where else to ...
by jan4insight
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Forget about corporate personhood. Forget about Super Natural Corporate Powers (courtesy of SCOTUS, inc.). Forget about Citizen's United (courtesy of SCOTUS, inc.). Forget about employee vs. ...
by Man from Wasichustan
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Rush Limbaugh has been in full damage control mode since the Hobby Lobby decision came down. I've never heard Rush this scared! And it's classic but predictable, and it's also common. The ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Hobby Lobby opened a new store in Gainesville, FL yesterday. We turned out in droves to meet them. This is just a sampling of the awesome pics from the event. They won't be the last. We're going ...
by nancyjones
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Failed HP CEO and Failed GOP Senate Candidate Carly (Demon-Sheep) Fiorina whose been tasked by the party to be their Point Person [which when you're in the midst of the DMZ can be synonymous with "...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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I'm sick and tired, of being sick and tired, of seeing women's rights gutted and stomped on by misogynist GOP politicians and corporations. As an artist, I will no longer purchase my supplies from ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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If I am Reince Prebius I am praying to the god of sniveling corporate shits that this Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case crashes and burns. You want to lose every woman who is smarter than Sarah Palin ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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If I were to take a rough, mental inventory of all the art supplies that I own and use--I have about 3 milk crates full of cans and tubes of Golden and Windsor Newton acrylic paints, and mediums. I ...
by GreenMother
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Some people just know how to say it, so I'm gonna shut up and let the former Mr. Sulu do so. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/07/02/george-takei-what-if-hobby-lobby-was-run-by-muslims-imposing-sharia-
by Frank Vyan Walton
Comment Count 358 comments on Thu Jul 03, 2014 at 09:12 AM PDT with 362 Recommends
Hobby Lobby, the 13,000-employee arts and crafts chain, says it will ignore two court rulings and defy a federal mandate that companies must offer health insurance to workers that covers birth ...
by Meteor Blades
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by Hunter
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This is going to be short diary, for me, as I was working on another article when this came out. TPM has the skinny. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/murray-udall-legislation-hobby-lobby The ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Short diary but important message. I don't do crafts so I don't shop at Hobby Lobby, but I sure do eat organic food and have bought cases of Eden Foods organic beans in my time. I will never buy ...
by cordgrass
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I guess nobody else out there is old enough to remember 1990. Nobody's making a big deal of it, but that's the year the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it could not "make the professed doctrines of ...
by wolfbane in AZ
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I spent all day yesterday thinking about the SCOTUS decision allowing Hobby Lobby to dodge the mandate for contraception coverage under Obamacare, due to the supposed religious objections of the ...
by Jaxpagan
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