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President Obama's Intrade contract betting share price has surged about 8% to $6.82/share for $10.00 return over the last week. This index had been oscillating in the region of $5.80 for most of ...
by HoundDog
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Romney: “…by the way, if something of that nature (referring to the hostage crises) presents itself, I will work to find a way to take advantage of the opportunity.” I kid you not, unless I ...
by Dorian W Gray
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Not too much to add. Thank you CNN, who posted this simple chart showing who pays what types of taxes. All Romney did was show you how he and his friends talk when they are together at "the club" ...
by napalminthemorning
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The left and most of the mainstream media think the release of Romney 47% video was a crushing blow to his campaign. But, many repubs agree with the thinking in the video and believe that the 47% (...
by David PA
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As excited and as comfortable I, finally, feel now about these elections due to the recent turns of events; I can’t help but be a bit paranoid. I can’t trust the Republican Party based on their ...
by Dorian W Gray
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I'll leave it to others to detail all the factual errors in Mitt Romney's "47 percent" remarks. (David Brooks did a very good one in today's New York Times. http://tinyurl.com/9s3zukp) I just want ...
by SalCanz
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We cannot let Romney get away with that video folks. Yes he "apologized" , but without Obama himself having to say the words 4 and 7, there's still tons of stuff that he should be forced to explain:
by superseiyan
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Easy - just provide your missing tax returns. I’ll betcha in two hours nobody on earth will remember an idiot thing you said at that fund-raiser. I happen to be one your despised 47 percent, and ...
by Pragmatus
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