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Frank Rich takes no prisoners in his Sunday NY Times op-ed column (see links and excerpt, below), citing Wall Street regulatory reform outrages, missteps and/or related public faux pas by ...
by bobswern
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Every once in a great while someone has enough integrity and courage (call it balls for this guy) to speak power to the truth of what is really going on right now in our government. That person ...
by Badabing
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And I mean minimalist – with a razor blade! Even tops Matt Taibbi’s: lead in Rolling Stone: The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s ...
by deepsouthdoug
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Bloomberg has an interesting article: Asia Needs Deal to Prevent Panic Selling of U.S. Debt, Yu ...
by Yo yo yo
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And on France 24, no less. Just watch. Part 1:
by TylerFromNE
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Actual audio from the BBC World News economics news program "The Oracle with Max Keiser;" actual animation by me. A special preview for Kossacks, as this won;t be up on Salon.com until late tonight:
by scottbateman
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The corporate media has been asking lately if the Occupy Wall Street movement will survive the infighting, police oppression and lack of resources. Here is why the answer should be a resounding - "...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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According to Harry Schultz World War III has been adverted. “I’m happy to announce the end of World War 3. The Iran war, which triggered World War Three, planned by the Pentagon and ...
by TexanInSweden
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The real reason that the corporate industrial complex is pushing the Keystone Pipeline Project is that they are laying the groundwork for war with Iran. Think about it -- a massive oil pipeline from ...
by Eternal Hope
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