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You're still here? Oh my God! You weren't raptured? Oooh crap! Wrong apocalypse. Oh, and comet Halle-Bopp didn't get you either. How about Kali-Yuga or Web Bot? I see you've survived WWIII and ...
by TexDem
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I love slogans. Pictures are worth a thousand words but slogans have the last word. So much can be implied and distorted with a simple glib expression, effectively short-circuiting a parade of ...
by Einstoned Onfb
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As promised, I present herewith a few random thoughts on Bush's Guatemala visit, from a local perspective.
by cadejo4
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This diary voluntarily removed; if anyone would like me to resend to their email, let me know. Apparently, someone didn't like my take or spiel on Native American history and I'd rather not quibble ...
by richholtzin
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I'm writing a book with far-reaching implications. Three world views repeat in the same order in a cycle that currently takes about 97 years to fully complete. In pre-modern times --- before ...
by catherineD
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I am a fan of Mayan ruins, and have been for almost forty years. The vast majority of Mayan artifacts reside in Central America. One of the premiere sites that can now be easily reached is Copan, ...
by RichardfromHB
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On Dec. 21the Mayan’s 5,125 year Long Count Calendar comes to an end, at which point many people think that the world will destroyed in a fiery cataclysm. One scientist’s research seems to ...
by jkojak67
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