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President Obama held a press conference earlier today. Perhaps due to coming from a city still reeling from a climate disruption fed disaster, Hurricane Sandy, the New York Times White House ...
by A Siegel
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While far from the 'breaking news' MTV created with a "boxers vs briefs" question to Bill Clinton, MTV interviewer Sway Calloway did what journalist moderators at the three presidential and one vice-...
by A Siegel
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On Tuesday, I posted Romney and other Republican dolts will laugh. But Sandy shows there IS a need to heal the planet : Mitt Romney got an extended guffaw at the Republican National Convention with ...
by Meteor Blades
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Sparked by the White House's thoughtful (and wonderfully hilarious and must read) rejection of the petition to build a Death Star (by 2016), actor Mark Ruffalo has posted a White House petition ...
by A Siegel
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In his 14 November press conference, President Obama took a serious question about climate change. Amid his response, So what I’m going to be doing over the next several weeks, next several months,
by A Siegel
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Beware of the stations where the facts are based on lies Some of them are run by aliens in disguise They sneak up behind you and put your brain in a box You can recognize the victims, because they'...
by James Wells
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The People's Climate March will be the largest climate march in history. Marchers are traveling to New York City from 50 states. While there are dozens if not hundreds of satellite marches ...
by RLMiller
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The Center for American Progress' Think Progress website is home for one of the strongest and most widely read climate science / clean energy blogs.  Led by Joe Romm, Climate Progress/Think ...
by A Siegel
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Speculating about an "October Surprise" has long been part-and-parcel of presidential elections. International crises, domestic economic troubles, and unearthed ...
by A Siegel
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The President scored an obvious win over the Mitt Romney in the third Presidential debate. Hopefully the few remaining undecideds will see the difference between a proven leader and a conniving ...
by thereisnospoon
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C4 ( Catastrophic Climate Chaos Cliff ) threatens our future prospects and our ability to create a positive future reality for ourselves and descendents. George Herbert Walker Bush lies at the core ...
by A Siegel
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National Defense , the magazine of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), has ...
by A Siegel
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