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Huffington Post is reporting that Democratic former Congressman Tom Perriello is considering a run for Governor in Virginia in 2013. Perriello is a real Democrat, and I covered him back in 2010 .
by pistolSO
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Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis has endorsed Elizabeth Colbert-Busch in her run for Congress in the South Carolina 1st Congressional District. Talking Points Memo has the quote; “...
by pistolSO
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Just letting you know that Mark Herring will likely win in Virginia.
by FightingRegistrar
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Tonight, Democratic candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor Aneesh Chopra issued a strong response to a GOP claim that "it's better to be uninsured than to be on Medicaid." That statement, made ...
by davestroup
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No, this is NOT a comment about how politics is local. New Jersey and New York City are foregone conclusions. Virginia is a contest that is really about the GOP's voter suppression efforts. ...
by LunkHead
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In the interest of spotlighting downballot races, and seeing that this year is when Virginia holds all of its statewide elections, I will take a look at the Virginia House of Delegates , a 100-seat ...
by pistolSO
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So, the three, now four, problems that Ken Cuccinelli faces are proving too much for his campaign (crossing my fingers!). Polling shows Terry McAuliffe consistently ahead in both head-to-head and ...
by jwnemec
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Today we are looking at the states with less Democratic support. In this states is difficult to think about the Democratic Party as the leading party, then the approach will be a little different. ...
by abgin
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First I will begin giving the results of my research about who performed better in the last elections in the bluest states. Following this conditions: - To take Democratic or Democratic leaning ...
by abgin
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Ever since the high water mark of the Tea Party movement in 2010 the path forward nationally has been nothing if not downhill. The net number of seats held by movement members on Capitol Hill has ...
by SJGulitti
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This will be quick. I've been monitoring the VA election results website . As of this morning all but two precincts were reporting and the AG race had Herring (D) ahead of Obenshain (R) by several ...
by Demi Moaned
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While the Republicans begin the cycle with a little advantage in the Recruitment of this cycle, thanks to some early Recruitment, they have some unexpected failures that let the current situation in ...
by abgin
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The new cycle begins and it is necessary to look at it from an overall overview. As always. Before to begin we must remember that: - The US Senators that will run the for reelection come from the ...
by abgin
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