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Today Claire McCaskill released three new ads that will hand ass-clown Akin his clownish ass. See for yourself... "I've never voted for Claire McCaskill, but because of Todd Akin, I will now," ...
by durrati
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I'm knocking on doors for Claire McCaskill's GOTV effort, in suburban St. Louis [an impressively well-organized and energetic effort, I must say], and here are some things I'm noticing as I walk/...
by gloriasb
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Via TPM comes this great move by Claire McCaskill which every House and ...
by dansac
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The White House issued a National Defense Authorization Act signing statement , which circumvents whistleblower protection provisions for 12 million government contractors--yet another blot on Obama'...
by Jesselyn Radack
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Here is a perfect example of Democrats in the Senate not finding agreement on a pretty simple issue. Some of you may already know that Senator Kristen E. Gillibrand, Democrat of New York, has ...
by angelajean
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I hang signs, put stickers on the car. My Obama magnets are on the front door and the fridge. I did some cold calls for my County Democratic committee during the 2008 election, and talk a good game ...
by showmeblue2012
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Click to check out the goods.
by BrianMcFadden
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She was a tiger on the Senate floor today --see this May 20th C-Span coverage ( fast forward to 03:33:24 ) and the May 19th C-Span here: ( fast forward to 13:03 ). The May 20th ...
by e2247
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Senator Claire McCaskill had suspended campaigning for several days last week because her mother, Betty Anne McCaskill was hospitalized. My thoughts and prayers go out to the McCaskill family.
by cyncynical
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Just wanted to pass along a link to the live debate going on now between Claire McCaskill and Todd Akin. So far, Claire is scoring serious points on education, energy and the role of the federal ...
by Dem Beans
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This might be the nail in his Senatorial coffin: Todd Akin has very conveniently forgotten to report almost $130,000 in Missouri legislative pension income over the past 10 years in his ...
by bluestatedon
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McCain to lead the ...
by jbigss
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Senator Elect Heitkamp Owes Debt of Gratitude to Native American Voters in North Dakota By “Scarlet Raven” A razor thin margin separates Democrat Heidi Heitkamp and GOP Congressman Rick "...
by scarletraven
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Its all very well being reasonable about the banking crisis and preparing a second round of -throwing- injecting money into the system, it all ends up being controlled by these -crooks- Bankers. I ...
by LaFeminista
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Dramatic reform to the military justice system must be measured against the yardstick of protecting victims and boosting prosecutions. Over the past several days, there’s been an effort to make ...
by Claire McCaskill
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Senator Claire McCaskill continues to ignore America's need for new jobs, instead focusing on reducing the deficit through spending cuts. If you haven't ...
by evandmiller
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I am proud to be a democrat today. Watching our grassroots groups, our senators and representatives on the front lines, we have witnessed bravery and courage in action in the past few days and ...
by LA Person
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I'm going to hurl myself onto the great, flaming sword of outrage from certain corners here, but I'm going to point out that McCaskill's assault on the "pay nothing to us, we'll help you get the ...
by high bitrate
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Joe Donnelly (D) - 49.9% Richard Mourdock (Redef. Rape) - 44.4% Claire McCaskill (D) - 54.2% Todd Akin (Redef. Rape) - 39.7% Suzan delBene (D) - 53.6% * John Koster (Redef. Rape) - 46.4% * (*47.7% ...
by Oliver Tiger
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Clair McCaskill has weighed in on the defeat in Massachusetts. From Politico: "As I said to somebody ...
by MoDem
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