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MADDOW: "We are about to break some serious news on this show." Actually, as she explains it was broken a bit earlier on Brian William's Nightly News-but Maddow's interview goes into greater ...
by catilinus
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Thought I would share this with you at Kos: sorry for not adding my own thoughts...or sharing too much, I am not much of a commentator, but I do visit frequently, etc. etc. etc. (also ...
by kpete
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It has become obvious that the Pentagon and its supporters are waging information warfare against the commander in chief, President Barack Obama. Right-wing echo chamberlain John L. Perry of NewsMax.
by Jeff Huber
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In yesterday's rescued diary, A Point of Order: Generals Don't Have Friends , we had a short ...
by angelajean
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Time magazine’s Joe Klein observes that the leak of Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s report on Afghanistan to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post was “a serious breach of conduct by ...
by Jeff Huber
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Brave New Foundation's Rethink Afghanistan project has been following the story about a night raid in Gardez by U.S. and Afghan forces (see ...
by dcrowe
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Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander in Afghanistan and Monty Python fan, has put on quite a show of insubordination in the past month or so in an attempt to cram his escalation plan down the world&...
by Jeff Huber
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Hey ...
by johntully
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The New York Times' David Brooks minimized General Stanley McChrystal's remarks in Rolling Stone magazine as "kvetching." For the Times' Maureen Dowd, McChrystal and his "smart-aleck aides" were ...
by Mel Goodman
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On Friday, the Commander of U.S. Forces Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, made a direct request to President Obama asking for the deployment of tens of thousands of more troops in Afghanistan. (...
by Ed in Michigan
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Who’s the bigger fraud: Hamid Karzai or the phalanx of western toads who are hailing him as the “legitimate” president of Afghanistan? To review the bidding: Karzai appointed a ...
by Jeff Huber
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I've got a piece up ...
by barrettbrown
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Yesterday U.S. troops in Kandahar opened fire on a civilian bus , killing at least five, wounding at least eighteen, with the death ...
by Battle4Seattle
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In two separate newspaper columns over the last many months, I've argued that we are witnessing an intense assault on one of the most fundamental tenets of our constitution: the principle of the ...
by davidsirota
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Troops In Afghanistan Mob Reporters, Seeking To Give Rolling Stone Interviews Richieville News Service - KABUL U.S. troops across Afghanistan eagerly sought out ...
by Richieville
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---SEE CRITICAL UPDATE BELOW--- Just caught this on The Ed Show minutes ago. President Obama has finally arrived at his decision regarding a course of action ...
by DTG in STL
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National Security Adviser James Jones says, "Reports that President Obama has made a decision about Afghanistan are absolutely false." That’s maybe good news. It maybe means Obama is coming ...
by Jeff Huber
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Michael Hastings, the reporter famous for bringing down General McChrystal , is back in Rolling Stone with another ...
by Rebecca Griffin
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As the president deliberates on exactly how to achieve stability in Afghanistan, former commander of US forces in Afghanistan General Karl Eikenberry, who was elevated to ambassador by Obama, has ...
by Ralph Lopez
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As the world awaits Barack Obama's decision on Afghanistan, a lethal myth has spread. It says that standing up to the military will doom him to be a single-term president.
by harveywasserman
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