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That the Governors, CiC of, of the States can call on in times of need and if so security of the State!
by jimstaro
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The mother, Nancy Lanza, was the first to die at the hands of her son and with one of her many high tech advanced weapons, law enforcement and military needs, of an arsenal of same she built, ...
by jimstaro
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Many are talking, finally, about the mental health issues so long ignored by the society in this Country. Prior to the shutting down of facilities and pushing the issues of out of the societies need ...
by jimstaro
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As stated today, 16 January 2013, by the President in announcing the Government will tackle the issues despite the extremist gun lobby and their congressional and state legislative lackeys!!
by jimstaro
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Adam Lanza carried out an act of apocalyptic violence in Connecticut, killing 28 people and wounding another victim. Most of those dead were children…most were just six years old. We may never ...
by cberlet
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