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ALEC was exposed in 1997 and nothing at all happened. ALEC was exposed again in 2002 with excellent reporting and again, nothing happened. ALEC was exposed again in 2010/2011. Bill Moyers referred ...
by MNDem999
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I thought that this should be brought to the attention of the community. Below the squiggle is a bill that was introduced in South Carolina by three legislators - 2 of them members of the American ...
by MNDem999
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In 2011 Durbin called out ALEC's roll in voter suppression in a senate hearing on state voting laws Chairman Durbin. Do you dispute my premise that the American Legislative Exchange Council has ...
by MNDem999
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I am so proud of Minnesota SENATE AUTHORS: DIBBLE, Marty, Carlson and Sieben) today. Last year Dibble introduced the following amendments to our lobbying law and because our legislature was under ...
by MNDem999
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ALEC headquarters never cease to amaze me. ALEC has been in the shadows for so long - they have absolutely no idea how to act, when exposed to sunlight. Instead of owning up to what it does and has ...
by MNDem999
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While most of the attention about ALEC has centered on guns, prisons, and voter ID, the goal of ALEC is much larger than that and much more pernicious. Below is an introduction to another area ...
by MNDem999
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