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I had to work last night but luckily I'm a bartender and have a couple of television sets at my disposal. I was surprised a few people requested that I turn up the volume so we could listen to the ...
by Kristina40
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Updated: this posting has been visited lately by visitors who have kind of rushed through this and concluded I have decided, out of the blue, to collect "dirt" on Glenn Beck. I forgot I'd need to ...
by Keith Olbermann
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Finally, someone in the media tells it like it is: Campbell Brown Calls Palin out.
by tristan57
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The media’s moment of disillusionment with John McCain appears to be at hand. Even Joe Klein has finally noticed ...
by billmon
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The NY Times is now breaking the story that Dan Rather's dismissal from CBS news was done in large response to ...
by zenbowl
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I preface this by saying, got a complaint about me, go ahead. Diarize, comment, whatever (actually those first two are your only choices - there is no 'whatever'). There's a chance I'll ignore it, ...
by Keith Olbermann
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In case your were wondering, it appears as though Barack Obama is totally fed up with the mainstream media right along with us. In fact, he's asking us to do something unprecedented in ...
by GoogleBonhoeffer
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Promoted from diaries by Susan Gardner . Reince Priebus (and apparently many others ) ...
by akadjian
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For just over three minutes on Saturday morning, TV talk show host [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montel_Williams Montel Williams] owned the hosts of [http://www.foxnews.com/foxfriends/index.html Fox ...
by Brandon Friedman
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As you'd guess, interview didn't make it on air. ...
by PlutocracyFiles
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(h/t) Mark Nickolas at Political Base McCain Camp Says Palin Won't Talk To Media During ...
by Feedback
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Like me, I know you’ll be following the election returns today – but it’s imperative that we not lose focus on some of the issues in play that may be obscured by the election –
by John Kerry
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I fully accept the premise that the Gulf Oil spill is one of, if not the, most damaging and horrific environmental events of my life time. But WHY are we piling on President Obama because we don't ...
by Granny Doc
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Even as it seems like the defections of former McCain fangirls in the punditocracy like Joe Klein and Richard Cohen that previously constituted his "base" are becoming practically ...
by modemocrat
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Do we need more proof Washington's not working for middle class families? We got it once again this week. The big banks and their army of lobbyists couldn't stop the creation of a new Consumer ...
by Elizabeth Warren
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Berkeley, CA. February 24, 2009. As President Obama prepares to address a joint session of Congress, what can we expect to hear? The pundits will stress the nuts-and-bolts policy issues:
by George Lakoff
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I have long said that this should be a 6%-10% popular vote, 320+ electoral vote blowout, but for a number of reasons (many including the complicity and disgraceful behavior of the corporate media), ...
by clammyc
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Sarah Palin is in the UN today trying to score brownie points for having brief chit-chats with world leaders. Apparently, being able to see Russia from a little island in Alaska doesn't quite give ...
by SouthSideDem
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This diary is intended for the media. I want to compile every misstatement, misrepresentation, and just plain election changing duplicity that we know of, to this point. I will list those things ...
by Granny Doc
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This might be the most thorough assesment of the Republican party, the media, The Religious Right, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, you name it, Dan Savage nails it. In an interview with Keith ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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