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Sometimes it takes a while for a new story to break through the day-to-day narrative of political events. This appears to be the case with the PHR report detailing charges that the Bush ...
by Valtin
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The June 8 New York Times will carries an editorial, "Doctors Who Aid Torture," that endorses the recommendation of Physicians for Human Rights in their new report, "Experiments in ...
by Valtin
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This is my humble attempt to stop a misperception; unknowingly or not, the specious argument I quote below has no merit whatsoever. I'll leave the ...
by Rippen Kitten
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M. C. Crawford is 8 years old. He was Identified as a male at birth until doctors determined that he had ambiguous genitalia, with parts of both female and male reproductive structures. When a ...
by rserven
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In 1973, when the CIA got wind of the revelations that would expose its decades-long program into mind control experiments, then-CIA Director Richard Helms, and Sidney Gottlieb, head of the Agency's ...
by Valtin
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The following is a reprint of a story at Truthout which I wrote with Jason Leopold. It is posted here because, one, some at Daily Kos have asked for it, and two, and mainly, to bring this important ...
by Valtin
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by ePluribus Media
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President George W. Bush got a stunning letter today from the American Psychological Association (APA), ...
by jhutson
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Like a modern-day Ministry of Truth, the American Psychological Association (APA) has scrubbed the webpage describing "deception scenarios" workshops that were part of a conference it conducted ...
by Valtin
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I am a heavy sleeper, so my alarm clock is set to the local news radio station to help wake me. Sometimes, when I'm still pretty deep in sleep, I incorporate the stories into a little bit of my ...
by land of the free
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Before exploring this story, I want to first praise President Obama for investigating one of America's darker historical moments, and for the apology he has issued to Guatemala's president. This ...
by David Harris Gershon
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by eleming
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The following is a press release from The Lancet , describing an important new article on the question of medical ethics in relation to the torture of prisoners. It is reproduced here (with ...
by Valtin
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This is just horrible. The author, Art Caplan, is someone I met at a local symposium and was very impressed with. He is the head of the medical ethics department at the NYU Medical Center where I ...
by mole333
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This evening President Obama ...
by davidseth
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Explanation of why this is V 2.0 is at the end of this diary. Because reading this means you are on the internet, and depending on how often and how intense your engagement, your behavior ...
by arodb
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THURSDAY NIGHT IS HEALTH CARE CHANGE NIGHT, a weekly Daily Kos Health Care Series. In a previous diary titled Single payer ...
by Imavehmontah
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Quoted paragraphs offer a glimpse into the content and viewpoint of each article; they are not summaries - use the links to read more fully. For an introduction and start in the free use of Medscape ,
by mettle fatigue
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And esteemed Medical Ethicist gives them a mild rebuke. Somehow, this professor has not seemed to notice the change in delivery of medical care in our country-- not since the passing of the ...
by arodb
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We meet Sundays 7pm eastkost time, 4pm leftkost. Kosmail to postmodernista if you're interested in contributing a diary , new OR for republication. UPCOMING SCHEDULES post between Wednesday & Friday.
by mettle fatigue
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