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Eight years ago this month I was a 53 year old NICU and Transport RN. I was fit and healthy and enjoying a new chapter in my life after a divorce, an empty nest, the deaths of my parents, and a move ...
by KelleyRN2
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Dan Shea’s Aunt Kay was 83, vibrant and healthy in 2011, when she suffered terrible injuries in a head-on accident. Kay spent five months in the hospital rehabilitating and being repaired with so ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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by wmtriallawyer
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As I type this, a delectable, carbohydrate filled pretzel bagel from Servatti's is busy baking in the convection oven of my favorite coffee shop. Within the next minute or so that bagel will be ...
by Virally Suppressed
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In fact, despite a well orchestrated, and quite successful, movement to create the exact opposite impression, the Civil Court System won’t even call it malpractice. But you be the Jury. ...
by rontripp
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Rick Santorum probably shouldn't ...
by Joan McCarter
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Not to diss Texas but it's with some real shit kickers like Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, John Cornyn, George W. Bush, Steve Stockman and Louis Gohmert, But gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General, ...
by poopdogcomedy
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I could dig up some statistics, tell it from a purely numerical, clinical POV but that is not what this diary is. This diary is my family's story of medical malpractice and pending financial ...
by tinwi
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by karmsy
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Since 1975 the value of everything has gone up, except the value of my son’s life under California law. Last week my son, Steven and I went to Sacramento to say “38 years is ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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I’ll warn you up front. This is a combination rant/”My space” posting. I am in full depression mode right now, and need to write. It’s the only thing that will keep me ...
by colormeunimpressed
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I spent most of today with my best friend trying to find a place to bury her mother. She wanted to do it with Inglewood Cemetery but they are so booked they could not do it for a week and a half. ...
by yoduuuh do or do not
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Michael Moore's controversial film SiCKO opens nationwide this weekend. Hailed by critics and widely praised across much of the political spectrum, ...
by Jon Perr
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My baby Mia died in a hospital at just 6 weeks of age from whooping cough in the middle of a whooping cough epidemic because doctors didn't give her a simple test. A 38-year-old law ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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Finally, the Congressional Budget Office confirms what many of us have known for a very long time: medical malpractice lawsuits is not a major driver of the rise in health care costs. Hopefully, ...
by lenlarga
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Cross-posted from Tort Deform ...
by TortDeform com
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by srkp23
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Among the new restrictions appearing in anti-choice bills nationwide, it is the medical malpractice liability shields that have the potential to alter, perhaps permanently, women’s relationship ...
by RH Reality Check
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And esteemed Medical Ethicist gives them a mild rebuke. Somehow, this professor has not seemed to notice the change in delivery of medical care in our country-- not since the passing of the ...
by arodb
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The usual line of tort reform from the GOP is that this should be an integral part of any HCR bill. For years they've lived in a world where this is the number one contributor to costs. Yes, what ...
by dizzydean
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