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Let's face it, the last week or so, while serious issues have been going on too many diaries in the rec list have focused on the problems of being labeled a troll, finding trolls, hunting of trolls, ...
by Chris Reeves
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Sunday was a lovely afternoon, and I got to spend it with a lovely bunch of Kossacks. People came from four states, and all agreed that we need to do this more often. And we will! Without further ...
by sidnora
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by Maryscott OConnor
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What do the following folks have in common, aside from their known association with online blogs and involvment in progressive activism? Sharoney mem from somerville gmoke ...
by GreyHawk
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Finally, here is the better-late-than-never photo diary from Thursday night’s magnificent NYC Kossacks Meetup at the New York Milkshake Company. Thanks to the fantastic arrangements made by ...
by casperr
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We ate, we drank, we jabbered, we had a blast! We had wonderful visiting guests and lovely local regulars. And guess what? Not one person called anyone else a name. No one fought. My prescription ...
by sidnora
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It's been a long year. Melanie and I have both had challenges that made us grow. Some of those were by our own choice. Some, we didn't want. What matters is how we pulled together to help each ...
by jim in IA
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by Maryscott OConnor
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by mrsdbrown1
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Asheville is a wonderful blue spot in a sea of red. It is a lively center for the arts, music, and craft beers among other things. Kossacks randallt, davehouck, and Joieau organized our first ...
by gulfgal98
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The Atlanta kos meetup was a huge success. Quite a few showed up. eeff had to cancel at the last minute because of work demands. He was missed, as was Annrose and a few others. Sadly, racheltracks ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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Given his spectacular failure as a 2012 GOP Presidential candidate, Governor Rick Perry may very well be something of an authority on pipe dreams. With marked certainty, he continues to inhabit the ...
by nomandates
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Okay folks - this has never been attempted before. Here's our table @ Spitzer's Corner, to my left: L to R: gchaucer2, sidnora, thankgodforairamerica, joanbrooker, dave g, ...
by ericlewis0
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The Phoenix Kossacks were honored to welcome navajo to the Valley of the Sun!
by arizonablue
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by Carnacki
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For the past month, I have been criss-crossing our fair country, meeting intrepid Kossacks far and wide in a variety of eating and drinking establishments. What follows is a thorough reporting of my ...
by kath25
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Soooo, I had the brilliant idea (not) to have a meetup the day before St. Pat's. Which also happened to be a Sunday, and the day of a heavily-promoted half-marathon here. This meant that by noon, ...
by sidnora
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Last Sunday, October 20th we had a nice gathering of Kossacks from the Philly/NJ/NYC region. We "enjoyed a boli and a beer" at Stuff Yer Face,
by mconvente
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HEY! Arwen the Terrible taking over here. Yes, I ...
by Frankenoid
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*UPDATE* - Seems like more people would be able to make June 14th, so that's the new date. I'm tentatively thinking about Saturday, June 7th *June 14th*, 12pm at Cranberry's Gourmet Cafe in ...
by Avilyn
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