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The cranky, liberal lady known as "Granny Doc" around these parts died peacefully at home about 5PM this afternoon EDT. She had been in a coma since Tuesday. She was generally reclusive, but ...
by Leftcenterlibertarian
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My name is Rebecca Schuler. I am a friend of Matthew, who I think you knew as kwickkick. He asked me to post something here for him. He died on Saturday from cancer. He said that some of you wanted ...
by kwickkick
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I hadn't seen him for a few weeks, so I checked his page and sure enough no comments since February 22nd. So, I googled him and found some things I expected I would find, but nothing current. Then ...
by JaxDem
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6 dead, including a young girl, 18 severely wounded, devastated families, and a grieving nation. As in ...
by Al Rodgers
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There have been rumours of this all night, but it now appears to have been confirmed. Paul Newman has passed away. While he will likely be remembered for being a great actor, his politics ...
by MsLibrarian
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The Dog part of Something the Dog Said died yesterday. Tycho was a ten year old three legged Springer Spaniel and my very good friend. He had vascular cancer (cancer of the blood vessels) and it was ...
by Something the Dog Said
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by Sara R
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This really is a must-see if you missed last night's Countdown. Almost as if she wanted to help us celebrate Halloween by conjuring up the ugly human demons of Lies and Hypocrisy, as well as ...
by hissyspit
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AntKat with her community quilt -- which she loved because it has your love in it I just received sad news from AntKat's sister -- and a request to share it with the community.
by Sara R
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Howard Metzenbaum died in Florida (h/t Davybaby) last night. Metzenbaum, senator from Ohio, a true liberal and hero of ...
by wozzle
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by Joan McCarter
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SciMathGuy passed away peacefully this morning from lung cancer.
by Yasuragi
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I've spent the last hour reading through old pieces of Steve Gilliard's. You can say a lot of great things about Steve, and people throughout wwwLand - here and elsewhere - have been. But what I ...
by Meteor Blades
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I'm so sorry to bring this news........actually I'm kind of astonished that I'm the first one.
by Rosebuddear
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I am very sad to report that Robert Andrews (Othniel) passed away today. His partner Barry Mitchell posted this message this evening on Facebook: I am beyond words to have to report that Robert ...
by Sandia Blanca
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his mother and I buried our son. The details are not important. Not his branch of service, rank, the circumstances of his loss or where it happened. This diary is not just for him, but for all ...
by Otteray Scribe
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By now, you may have heard of Liviu Librescu, the Virginia Tech professor who was killed as he barricaded the door to give his students time to jump out the second story window of his classroom:
by jhritz
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Have you read this diary? If not, please do so... and make sure the tissues are close by.
by Dem in the heart of Texas
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My woozle passed away 27 February 2014 Thursday at approximately 10am. He wasn't put to sleep, he died in my bed. He died too damned early, probably only half way through a full life. He was ...
by annieli
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by dmhlt 66
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