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A friend once told me that the wealthy elite didn't want to just "roll back" the New Deal, they wanted to roll back the entire 20th Century. His point was that all the social gains of the 20th ...
by gjohnsit
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So says the proud hubbie. But I'd be recommending this film even if she weren't its co-writer, co-director, and co-producer. She's Miri Navasky. Her longtime collaborator is Karen O'Connor. The film ...
by david mizner
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This is one of those times when you know something has gone wrong, very wrong and yet you wonder how it is even possible it has happened. It was July 5th when Kelly Thomas was so brutally beaten by ...
by Ellinorianne
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His Tuesday Washington Post column is titled What America’s police departments don’t want you to know . HIs first paragraph sets the stage: Michael Brown’s death was part of a tragic and ...
by teacherken
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Photo : If ever a photo should exist to explain how we feel every day, from the moment we arise til we fall asleep. pic.twitter.com/m9hdWJ6TrU — The Real Segun Idowu (@RevrendDoctor) April 26, ...
by jpmassar
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You may have seen the video of the Indiana cop shoving a paraplegic, tipping him over from the curb onto the street . That was bad enough. You may even have already seen the video of the incident ...
by jpmassar
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The newest survival tip to young non-white male persons who encounter law enforcement (since even in these circumstances, they're disproportionately male and disproportionately Black or Latino) is ...
by shanikka
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Today US District Judge Lawrence Karlton ruled that the constitution says what common sense tells the rest of us: it is not okay to treat mentally ill prisoners barbarously; it is not okay to pepper-...
by jpmassar
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It reads like scenes out of a graphic horror novel.
by jpmassar
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Words fail. There is an epidemic of insanity in this country, and the mentally disturbed are its victims, but not those with the condition. Every few days now I read another report of another ...
by jpmassar
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For those of you who choose not to pollute your brains with right-wing cranial fecal spray (cranial santorum?) that is regularly spewed from the cavernous depths of the National Review here is a ...
by eowynsdottir
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The Fort Hood shooting took place on November 5, 2009, at the most populous U.S. military installation in the world. In the course of the shooting, a single gunman, an army psychiatrist, killed 13 ...
by health care vs corporate welfare
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If there's one thing Congress knows -- It's Loopholes. Loopholes for Lobbyists. Loopholes from following their own Laws. Loopholes freeing themselves from anything resembling personal ...
by jamess
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There's a potentially horrifying case of corruption out of Shreveport. The city's fire chief, Craig Mulford, was indicted on charges that he obstructed parallel federal and state investigations ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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The sickness which is the NRA was today exposed to the entire world. How shameful. Many citizens by choice furthered their own education to offer what they could for the betterment of society. ...
by Eman
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Craig Rennebohm's companionship trainings show how to connect with homeless individuals who are mentally ill. Rennebohm draws on Christian traditions and guides needy people toward sources of ...
by Reretiree
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The question is not whether we have a relationship, but how our relationships will take shape. (Craig Rennebohm, ...
by Reretiree
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A friend of mine has a homeless brother with schizophrenia who refuses housing and rejects gifts from family members as well as their efforts to stay in touch with him. In his paranoia he’s ...
by Reretiree
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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Claudio Castagnetta. Barefoot in a convenience store, lost, confused. Hours earlier, shows up in a stranger's house, owner finds him harmless, but bizarre, takes pictures to show ...
by zdog
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by emeraldmaiden
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