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Dust Storm, Texas ...
by FishOutofWater
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The great national parks of the Southwest overwhelm visitors with a sense of space. ...
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Our American and Canadian heritage begins long before Columbus supposedly “discovered” the Americas. For thousands of years people have lived in North America and they built cities and ...
by Ojibwa
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By the time the first Europeans were beginning to explore and establish colonies in the Americas, Europeans considered stone architecture, particularly the construction of monumental public buildings,
by Ojibwa
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This diary continues where yesterday’s diary left off and completes the series. Feel free to consult any of these Colorado Plateau/Four Corners region diaries for general information and ...
by richholtzin
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Prologue : This diary continues where yesterday’s diary left off. Thus a continuum of just about everything you ever wanted to know about this multifaceted, and typically high country province. . ....
by richholtzin
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By popular demand(?), our Primary Highways series moves next to Colorado. This edition is a bit different, in that I trace a family trip from a great many years ago, but insert more contemporary ...
by catsynth
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Prologue : Continuing where yesterday’s diary left off this diary delves into the quintessence of everyday living among the Ancestral Puebloans. Namely, the communal aspects of their culture. ...
by richholtzin
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In addition to the diary on Res Dogs, which I posted earlier today (and I do hope those of you who love dogs will at least peruse its contents), the following diary begins a 3-day back-to-back ...
by richholtzin
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Prologue : The previous diary posted on the Human History of the Colorado Plateau (http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/02/06/1183471/-DKos-Special-Diary-Human-History-of-the-Colorado-Plateau) as ...
by richholtzin
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Prologue : The prehistoric people of the Colorado Plateau, the so-named Ancestral Puebloans, lived here for well over a thousand years. While the geology and scenic beauty and diversity of flora ...
by richholtzin
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I just went over to see Mesa Verde today, a dream come true for me. My parents went to Mesa Verde on their honeymoon back in the 1930s and when I was a kid I used to look at their photos taken ...
by Jane Stillwater
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