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I remember growing up with not much, but even sadder were the poor recent immigrants that sat in school with me. To the white folks in San Antonio I was just another Mexican. In my world, I was "...
by TexMex
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by el cid
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I don't look like my mother or my siblings, I look like my dad. This made me look like a genetic "sport" in my family photos. I'm not dark brunette with bronze/olive skin and chocolate drop eyes. I'
by Arianna Editrix
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This diary is a self reflective one as diaries traditionally once were. But I think it is kinda fun to have other people read it so here goes. Yesterday while talking to a woman I have seen once a ...
by TexMex
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A marvelous ad! Don't speak Spanish? Well, you can see Rush Limbaugh's fat pilled out face in there, you can bet it's going to be good. Essentially Rush calls Mexicans Stupid and Lazy and... well..
by Jeremiah
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The Governor of Montana had choice words for Mitt Romney today, saying that while he will probably win Montana, he will suffer in states where Latino votes are required for victory. Schweitzer also ...
by Montana Cowgirl
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While in my opinion, George Lopez is a great addition to the long list of endorsements, I find it encouraging that Mexican American leaders throughout our country are standing up and endorsing ...
by scjmcy2k
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by el cid
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http://publicshaming.tumblr.com/post/52763976629/racist-basketball-fans-pissed-a-mexican-american-boy Sabastian de la Cruz, a former participant on America's Got Talent, sang the national anthem at ...
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OK, no, not really. I'm Irish, folks! Well, a quarter anyway. Ok not really a quarter, there's some German and French in there somewhere, too.. just don't tell my Indian (dot, not feather) and ...
by Jackie Mahendra
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I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but the NAACP, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and other organizations (Asian, Mexican and several others) petitioned the California Supreme Court today to ...
by bruh1
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by el cid
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by el cid
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By Salomon Baldenegro Estimadas/os: First, let’s get the media-driven nonsense out of the way: “Ethnic Studies” was not dismantled in the Tucson Unified School District. Mexican ...
by dcampbell
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Hello fellow Kossacks, I've been posting here for about a year. I want to announce that my feature documentary "The Wall" is finally premiering in Los Angeles on Saturday! I've written a lot about ...
by LatinoDem
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by el cid
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Conservationists Request Feds Replace Photo of Wolf 'Poster Wolf' Was One of 18 Rare Mexican Wolves Killed Through Capture; Altogether, More Than 2,900 Gray Wolves ...
by bigwildlife
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So, a few months after the RightWing candidate was fraudulently designated president by Mexico's electoral judicial body (TEPJF), a growing number of Mexicans believe that fraud took place during ...
by PatriciaVa
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Uncle Sam loves Mexican food and drink, especially on that colorful holiday Cinco de Mayo! But on May 6th things go back to normal and the US goes back to hating Mexicans. Congress goes back to ...
by laloalcaraz
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Having taken tacos to task two years ago and winning, Florida's migrant tomato pickers united within the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) are now taking a bite out of burgers. ...
by Limelite
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