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Whenever things make absolutely no sense, I think it can be said that while it may make no sense to you, it may make sense to someone. And nine times out of ten, what has previously appeared ...
by Phoebe Loosinhouse
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This is the tale of a fiend, a true murdering devil. Not only did he ruthlessly kill Michael "Mike" McClelland, 63, the the Prosecutor of Kaufmann County and his wife Cynthia, 65, but also the ...
by Steven D
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This is just tragic, but it falls in line with the batshit craziness that has been going on with law enforcement as of late. An Independence MO cop used a taser and critically injured a 17-year-old ...
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Sunday’s Washington Post featured [http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/darren-wilsons-first-job-was-on-a-troubled-police-force-disbanded-by-authorities/2014/08/23/1ac796f0-2a45-11e4-8593-...
by bobswern
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Here are four reports that made their way through my news feed last night. They feature a black man tased for sitting, another for hands in pockets, another for not walking (and he died), and a ...
by Lollardfish
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It seems that some citizens of Ferguson want to increase the extremely low voter participation rate in Ferguson, and the Missouri GOP (or, at least the leadership) is not happy about that effort ...
by librarisingnsf
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St. Louis local news is reporting that the Attorney for the Ferguson store, Jake Kanzler said the the Ferguson store owner, nor any store employee called the police to report any ...
by TeamSarah4Choice
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I looked through the recent diaries to see if this has been covered. In my opinion, this should be all over the MSM. I found the article in at TIME.com, of all places. Apparently, Brown claims ...
by RichM
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I am scratching my head over how it is humanly possible to be as clueless as the St. Louis County and Ferguson police departments. To make one mistake is understandable but to have EVERYTHING you do ...
by ExpatGirl
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I served as a deputy district attorney for a district of seven rural Colorado counties, from 1983 to 1986. One of the first things I learned was how to tell the "good cops" from the "bad cops". ...
by Navy Vet Terp
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No eyewitness testimony was more consistent with Darren Wilson's personal story of events the day he shot and killed Mike Brown than that of ...
by Shaun King
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http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/ben-stein-michael-brown-unarmed And clearly, he's not alone. But it has to be said that this particular deluded dumbshittery is truly exceptional as Ben ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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From Little Green Footballs : A New York Times report on the huge differences between the accounts of eyewitnesses to the shooting of Michael Brown and accounts from Ferguson police doesn’t have ...
by ericlewis0
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I am a white son of Ferguson, Mo. I am a son of Dellwood, Castle Point, Moline Acres, Jennings, St. Ann, Riverview Gardens, Northwoods and Normandy and north St. Louis County. I am a St. Louis ...
by RDScally
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Mike Brown was not killed 35 feet away from Darren Wilson's SUV. His final fall was at least 108 feet away from Darren Wilson's SUV. This 300 ...
by Shaun King
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by TheHalfrican
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by STOP George
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In Pluto's diary on the life of Michael Brown, you might notice one detail that's both touching and disturbing: Mike's graduation photograph was taken in March 2014, still many months ahead of ...
by Mark Sumner
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That sentence was the beginning of a tweet Washington Post journalist, Wesley Lowery sent out in the early morning hours. The tweet was the harrowing conclusion of a story Lowery told about his ...
by Onomastic
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by Georgia Logothetis
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