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I've always found the "knowledge is power" concept very intriguing because of its simplicity and applicability. No matter the setting, this concept, which I consider a truism, can be viewed as a ...
by Ray Pensador
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by Laurence Lewis
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To liberals and libertarians, the question of freedom is not even a question. We not only take our freedoms for granted, but we also take for granted that we have a fundamental right to ...
by Laurence Lewis
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In the past few decades, in different academic fields, a recurring theory has developed, on the nature of paradigmatic change. In evolutionary biology, it was the Stephen Jay Gould and Niles ...
by Laurence Lewis
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by Caractacus
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by Caractacus
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**Cross posted at PennToPaper.com ** Yesterday marked a bittersweet event in the Greenwich Village of New ...
by mconvente
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Yes, I know we face many dangers these days: economic inequality, climate change, an unjustly prosecuted war on drugs. Not to mention an increasingly tainted food and water supply, a dysfunctional ...
by markthshark
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The Systematic Destruction of Jose Padilla , a diary posted yesterday by stephen soldz, detailed the inhumane and indefensible ...
by greatwhitebuffalo
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This week, the Guardian's Glenn Greenwald posted a classified court order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that ordered Verizon Business Network Services to produce the following "...
by Elon James White
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