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I have been at Daily Kos for a long time, and I don't do rants very often. However, I have been dismayed and disheartened by the number of inappropriate comments in the IGTNT diaries for the past ...
by blue jersey mom
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Tonight you made it sound like I am a lazy person who just lays around the house waiting for the federal nanny state to send me a check every month. I for one resent the hell out of your statements.
by testvet6778
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by Knightrain
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by Susan Gardner
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Don't all yell at once. I know the sentiment here will be overwhelmingly opposed. So let me rephrase the question: should we institute compulsory national service broadly defined, which would ...
by teacherken
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Those are not combat fatigues. Dana Milbank, wanker extraordinaire : ...
by kos
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It's Wed and Pootie diary usually posts while I'm at work and I'm not seeing a whole today saluting our veterans so to all the veterans out there...we salute you....we thank you and we value what you'
by Spedwybabs
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To this point I have refrained from writing anything about Chelsea Manning. I just didn't want to get involved with the controversy surrounding what she did. Some people view her as a heroic figure.
by rserven
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When you hear the term "Swiftboat" what comes into your mind? I already know your answer, but it isn't the meaning for those who served on nor any Navy Personal who served In-Country ...
by jimstaro
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Amidst all the celebration of the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the recent past, most people were completely unaware that the prohibition of transpeople serving in the ranks remains inviolate. ...
by rserven
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Your word has turned to slime, hope the business world is paying attention, though you'll always find snakes like you to deal with and make some bucks, and I'm sure many already have learned about ...
by jimstaro
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Brynn Tannehill has been a guest author at The New Civil Right Movement this past week, writing about transgender people in the military. She published articles on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. ...
by rserven
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Specialist John Ackley served in the 34th Infantry Division (the Red Bulls) in Iraq in 2009. Ackley recently inquired about re-enlistment in the National Guard . The Guard was all happy about it ...
by rserven
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by Hunter
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With all the back and forth about Obama and Clark it seems some of us may have taken our eyes off the ball. Ranting around in circles about whether General Clark was right or Senator Obama was ...
by FundaMental Transformation
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Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was on ABC's This Week on Sunday, intervierwed by Martha Raddatz, and was prompted to comment about the ban on transgender service members.
by rserven
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by indiemcemopants
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Occasionally I hear that, had there been a military draft in America, BushCo would have a much harder time doing all they did. Perhaps. But if you advocate a universal draft, Be careful what ...
by Assaf
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In an interview with Capitol Download's Susan Page on Wednesday Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said that the ban on transgender troops is likely to be reassessed in the near future and that ...
by rserven
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In an essay entitled The Pentagon's Transgender Problem Mother Jones writers Adam Klasfeld and Brett Brownell consider the situation of military service by transgender people and the treatment of ...
by rserven
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