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OMG! Are they crazy?? Today's AP poll has the Democratic president of the United States of America at 53 percent job approval and 83 f'ng percent likability! WTF???
by Little Lulu
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The new AP/GfK poll shows that the public is optimistic that the stimulus plan will work, and they approve the performance of Democrats on the economy -- and disapprove of the Republicans.
by StuHunter
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by Jed Lewison
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So the new AP poll shows that 2:1 Americans think the health care law didn’t go far enough (as opposed to too far). The support for GOP healthcare plan (no government interference or ...
by Noamjunior
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by smintheus
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Gallup: Global warming skepticism growing in U.S. A record 41 percent now say news coverage of global warming is exaggerated, while 57 percent say coverage is generally on the mark or ...
by BOknows
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Changed title and edited to correct a misapprehension. Good Moorrrniiing America . The latest Associated Press-GfK poll has Obama up 52 to 37 among all adults and an approval rating also over fifty.
by Athenian
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According to this AP Poll , Obama has his highest approval rating since the killing of Osama bin Laden. Obama's approval rating stands at 57 percent, the highest since May 2011, when U.S. Navy ...
by chloris creator
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The AP has now released a "new" poll showing that only 1 percentage point separates Obama and McCain BUT the methodology they use is so far off the target that they are being called it and we here ...
by BulldogsRule
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This is absolutely amazing , when you consider where Obama was in the polls just a few weeks ago.
by larbabe
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I just saw this story and it gave me sticker shock. A new AP presidential poll finds the race even with less than two weeks to go. Should Democrats be popping champagne bottles yet, or is this an ...
by truthseeking missile
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