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What is poised to be the worst movie in the history of movies -- surpassing both the Twilight series and anything starring Fred Thompson -- comes on the Syfy Channel tonight at 9PM Eastern. And ...
by weatherdude
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Welcome to DailyKos' second annual liveblog of the television movie disaster/disaster movie Sharknado. This year's sequel is the cleverly-named Sharknado II: The Second One . The movie begins at ...
by weatherdude
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Greetings! I come bearing gifts. And by gifts, I mean a tornado with sharks in it. Last year's cultural phenomenon Sharknado! grew a cult following on the internet, and DailyKos was not immune ...
by weatherdude
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Tom the Dancing Bug, by @RubenBolling . BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK to see Tom the Dancing Bug every week! Members of the elite and prestigious ...
by RubenBolling
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Any hope (or fear) that any of you may have that is going to be serious science type diary should be put to rest by the fact that I am going to start out by talking about Tara Reid, one of the ...
by matching mole
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I'm a fan of making fun of horrible weather-themed movies and shows. When you're a weather enthusiast, watching producers and actors pretend to know what they're talking about is cringeworthy. ...
by weatherdude
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I've always felt a personal responsibility to live up to the expectation of Southern hospitality. Every visitor gets more than a few chances to be friendly, and only a truly dedicated Yankee would ...
by Wayward Son
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Could a sharknado theoretically occur? Well, if there were a substantial number of sharks swimming in shallow waters right where a powerful waterspout touched down, then it would be physically ...
by Troubadour
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Just a quick little ditty to possibly brighten your day, set to a possibly recognizable tune. The most ludicrous plot I've ever seen: Sharknado! Sharknado, Sharknado, Sharknado! First we need a ...
by filkertom
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Former Rep. Michele 'Crazy Shelly' Bachmann is to make a guest appearance in the upcoming film Sharknado 3 . She will, natch, be playing herself. There is some speculation that she thinks the film ...
by Retroactive Genius
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Yesterday's liveblog is today's meme of the moment . The Environmental Protection Agency is feeding off the “Sharknado” Twitter frenzy. The agency on Friday warned that climate change may lead ...
by Heavy Mettle
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If ESPN's Michelle Beadle can get cast, everyone will eventually appear in a version of a Sharknado film.
by annieli
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