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In conjunction with his declaration of April as Confederate History Month Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell declared today John Wilkes Booth Day in the state of Virginia.
by Notthemayor
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Dallas, TX Shortly after clarifying a clarification they had recently clarified concerning their grant policy, Susan G. Komen for the Cure proudly announced a new partnership with a group doing ...
by The Baptist Death Ray
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In a stunning development announced by old, white, rich spokesmen in Geneva Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, Bain Capital announced that it had Trade Marked the word "eviscerate". Anyone using ...
by pollwatcher
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Readers of the NY Times got a surprise when they turned to the Opinion Page today; David Brooks regular column appears to have been mysteriously replaced by an over the top parody of Brooks usual '
by xaxnar
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I've decided that the people who cause all the problems are the ones who are just smart enough to be stupid. They're not smart enough to know they're stupid, however. Stupid people grin a lot. I ...
by ZedMont
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The BP oil spill has liberal commentators running around in circles and paraphrasing the last line from the Movie Little Caesar: “Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Rico?” Well, BP ...
by Bob Patterson
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GOP Accuses President of ‘Twisted Health Care Stunt’ Republican lawmakers and prominent conservative media figures slammed President Obama today, accusing him ...
by real satire
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Riding a wave of reflex condemnation by the media in tandem with a coordinated assault by the GOP on the Obama administration decree mandating the inclusion of contraception in employee ...
by xaxnar
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Dear Tea Partiers, Biblical Literalists, and anti-science Republicans in general: The end times are coming. God has abandoned the Earth to the anti-christ, who may or may not be disguised as a US ...
by catwho
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This is not a candidate diary. Oh, I may mention the stalwart courage of Senator Hillary Clinton a time or two. And I will most certainly take some cheap shots at her detractors - those vile ...
by Ergo Bibamus
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In what can only be described as an effort to divide Americans in a way that is ruthless, heartless, and without just cause, Paul Krugman went a bridge too far in his column today. When describing ...
by pollwatcher
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Hillary Clinton has been Secretary of State for 18 months now and still has not given us peas in our time. Hell even a war monging piece of shit asshole like Kissinger could give us peas in our time,
by durrati
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Would real red-blooded patriotic nihilists care if the United States bombs Iran?
by Bob Patterson
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I've figured it all out! I have the answer! Follow me below the fold and hear my chattering monkeywisdom as I spell it all out and save the world... or, at least the Democratic part of it, which ...
by shadetree mortician
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There's talk. Loose talk. Happy talk. Grand Bargain talk. Talk that needs a little Kicking Ass with Steve and Fripp on NetrootsRadio.com. We're LIVE, dispensing fresh Progressive courage and ...
by RodSerling
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