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Another of America's job creators has announced that they're going to screw over their employees because Mitt Romney won. Or more directly, because Mitt Romney was the last thing standing between ...
by Hunter
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I know I’m late to the party on this, but I wanted to post something about the situation that unfolded at a St. Louis Applebee’s recently that shows just how vulnerable workers are, and how ...
by Working America
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Lewis Black came to Chico, CA last Friday. I thought I'd simply give a little report. He had a warm-up guy named John who was quite good, as you'd expect. The show started 10 mins. late. John ...
by paradise50
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I am pretty sure that in the future, historians are going to look back and say that the birth of the Internet holds a unique place in human history: it is probably both the best thing man has ever ...
by DruidQueen
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A lot of discussion on the board over the actions of the Applebees waitress fired for posting a credit card receipt to Reddit signed by a pastor who took umbrage at the mandatory 18% gratuity ...
by plan9pub
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Attention Barack Obama supporters - in light of recent election results, this video shows you how to defeat Hillary Clinton and win this election!
by Stranahan
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Anyone who's seen the Preston Sturges movie The Palm Beach Story may recall a line from Rudy Vallee, as uber-millionaire John D. Hackensacker, namely: "Tipping is un-American." The reason for this ...
by chingchongchinaman
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David Brooks has rightly taken a lot of heat for his "I know the common people mentality" comment on MSNBC that "Obama's problem is ...
by thebrucie
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