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I saw this rather interesting story at The Daily Beast today. It is an interview with Brigham Young's great great grand-daughter, who, at the age of 55, left the Mormon Church. Her decision was ...
by JLFinch
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(Note: This diary is not meant to be an attack on the Latter Day Saints movement, or all Mormons. All religions have their extremists, their moderates and their liberals. The point of this diary is ...
by Shawn Russell
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Many of us were stunned---- stunned, I tell you ----by the right's apoplectic reaction to this election. I mean, the data was out there for all to see. Day after day, week after week, month ...
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So I got a little interested in why Romney kept talking about the Olympics, and in my research I began realizing that we might be playing down Romney's religious affiliation. I know that no one ...
by Dr Teeth
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This was told to me in confidence by a relative who is, in their own view, a true Christian; but what I call an extreme born again right wing Christian. We both started out as Catholics. I left ...
by manyamile
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The closer that Mitt Romney is to locking up the nomination, the more the Republicans are bringing out their guns and eating their own. The PUMAs are out in full force. In addition, Obama has seen a ...
by Eternal Hope
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Last night, Bill Maher concluded with a New Rule saying that Mitt Romney's giving to his own church should NOT count as charity and be tax deductible. Now, I don't want to re-fight last Friday's ...
by BruinKid
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It has taken me a few days to reflect on Mitt Romney's questionable invocation of faith , history and the founding fathers from last Thursday night, " Freedom requires religion just as ...
by Brahman Colorado
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Another day, another reassuring interview ...
by cassandracarolina
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Mitt Romney invested $10 million in a Ponzi scheme run by Tagg and his buddies until the SEC caught up with ripoff artist R. Allen Stanford.
by jpeterson2012
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A diary currently in the Community Spotlight says: As a Mormon, I think that I have an accurate take on what type of man Mr. Romney is. Being raised in Utah, I know that Mormonism (as with other ...
by Rob in Vermont
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When I was an obedient Latter Day Saint daughter growing up in the 70s and 80s, I came to the understanding that we were held to a higher standard. There were plenty of things that may be legal,
by SomeChic
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Okay, so we all know that Mitt Romney the bully has a little bit of a temper problem. We also know that he doesn't like to talk about his faith and his role in the Mormon church. I haven't seen ...
by citisven
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"A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader." --
by Troutfishing
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This past week, Mormon church leaders spoke via satellite to audiences in chapels in Utah and California about supporting Prop 8. Mormon Apostle M. Russell Ballard specifically appealed to the youth ...
by mofembot
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When I was growing up in Southern California, the child of active converts to Mormonism, I dressed up as a pioneer (usually a girl pioneer, much to my tomboy dismay) every July 24th and went with my ...
by mofembot
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Mitt is an admixture of lies and deceit. Chief among these is the dissimulation of the idea led by his wife, Ann, that Mitt is a sterling example of the nobility of his father a Moderate and highly ...
by Morton Montgomery
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Another Mormon who knew Romney as a bishop and stake president in Boston has been heard from -- Dr. Brian Moench writes in Common Dreams that Romney's serial dishonesty should disqualify Romney from ...
by devtob
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Catholicism is a cult followed by a mere 1.1 billion Satan worshippers ?
by LaFeminista
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Yes, it's true: when I was a youthful teen true believer, I was baptized for dozens of dead people. Follow me below the orange loops-de-kos to find out more about this practice and other (yes, other!)
by mofembot
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