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I'm sure some here have already seen [http://www.balloon-juice.com/2011/04/14/atlas-shrugged-and-critics-wept/#comment-2533733 this], but for those who haven't I'd thought I'd try to give it more ...
by ThomJeff
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Courtesy of Snowpiercer website A warning about the perils of climate change? An action vehicle for Chris Evans of Captain America fame to kick some more ass in a less polished outfit? An anti-...
by Dante Atkins
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I'm so stoked. John Cusack cross-posted my review of his movie War, Inc. from Progressive Blue ...
by be inspired
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Considering the name of this film and the nature of the (extremely limited) advertising, it would be easy to mistake ...
by Mark Sumner
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Really, that's about all I could initially say in response to watching a DVD I received in the mail today. I suppose it was my own damn fault for supporting Rep. Alan Grayson in his attempt to audit ...
by ontheleftcoast
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Yet another review in my "documentaries you should see" series. The Devil Came On Horseback came out about a year ago and it's appalling to me that so little has been done to stem yet ...
by jeph
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I’ve just spent two hours I’ll never get back watching “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” It's pretty awful, but some legit social satire is in there somewhere, as well as some political ...
by gloriasb
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Can I speak honestly about the new movie, “Selma?” I saw it this afternoon, and here's what I took away from the experience... No doubt, it’s going to get a lot of support for an Oscar. ...
by gloriasb
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Dear Mr. Jackson, I am writing to inform you that you have sufficiently proven yourself to be a gigantic turd and my left nut is now available. Really, quite dry... You have embellished single line ...
by furpletron
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Sideways? The Descendents is "the long-awaited next movie from the director of Sideways" according to the mini blurb on the Google search. Maybe I am the only one who didn't see ...
by guavaboy
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I think I first realized that I had a problem with Steven Spielberg when I went to the theater to catch the director's cut of Close Encounters of the Third Kind . It wasn't that I didn't like ...
by Mark Sumner
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For the record, I can't stand James Carville. In many ways he represents the absolute wrong path for Democrats to take. Once upon a time he provided some much need direction to a party lost in the ...
by jeph
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On the spectrum of recent U.S. films about intense life-and-death conflicts between Persians and "our guys', the most propagandistic, militaristic, and reactionary position is occupied by the ...
by Jennifer A Epps
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I came for the trailer. I stayed for the movie, even with a whole lot of "meh" reviews. What good movies have you seen recently? More below the flip.
by Richard Cranium
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While far from perfect, this bawdy comedy with a heart proved that upending Hollywood cliches actually makes for a better movie. Written by Sarah Seltzer ...
by RH Reality Check
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Volume #2 of my "2nd Chance Movie Review" series, which I hope to continue for the indefinite future. I love movies, mostly because they are the visual manifestation of books and stories , ...
by Angie in WA State
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Hi ya'll, I just got back from a 3 movie day. I saw in the following order: GI Joe, 500 Days of Summer, & The Time Traveler's Wife. I just gonna post a comment in an open thread about about them,
by lamh3176
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Dear Ms. Bullock, I have been a fan since Speed back in 1994 when I was barely 9. So it pains me to see one of my favorite actors make a movie that doesn’t paint a fair picture of U.S. ...
by MAGraduate
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Scientists tell us that the neurological mechanisms of memory appear to be same as the mechanisms by which we anticipate, and plan for the future. It's one of those ideas that, once you hear it, ...
by grumpynerd
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I am going to give my thoughts on the movie. I will mark parts of my review where there'll be spoilers. Before reading, you should see the movie. I do not want my opinion to sway your own view of ...
by exotrip
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