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Nine months ago, the one true love of my life, my Barbara, passed away. The pain is only slightly less intense than it was in the first weeks. I was so busy then. There were two memorial services to ...
by wyldraven
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On the eighth of June, I will mark the one year anniversary of Barbara's death. I still don't know exactly how I will do so. Anecdotal evidence indicates that most spouses who survive the first year ...
by wyldraven
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I always find ways to weave politics into my personal life, and today it happened again. I started reading some of President Obama's books, and I got to the part about his father. The President is ...
by sujigu
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I'm faced with downsizing in the very near future. The belongings I must trim were mostly those of my recently deceased wife Barbara, many of which she inherited from her parents. I no longer can ...
by wyldraven
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by kgerber
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Ever since 9/11/2001, it seems to me that nearly every action involving our foreign relations comes down to something regarding that tragic day. No action done in the middle east is about terrorism, ...
by Glasnost
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Should auld acquaintance be forgot? And really, never brought to mind? What the hell? Of course, not! Anyone want to help me dissect this little tune for fun? Happy New Year Everyone!
by Steven Payne
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It was Will Rogers who said that. He said it to Al Smith in 1929. Think yesterday was bad, Al Smith lost his home state of New York, a state he was governor. Who'd he lose to? Herbert Hoover and it ...
by Bendygirl
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I say first day back because after what happened on Friday, I never think any school day will ever be the same. I thought I would offer some reflections on today down below the fold. This was ...
by restondem
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J ohn Dean appeared on Countdown this week. You know John? He writes stirring muckraker books for us now, but way back before you were born he was a major player for the dark side.
by Timus
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It appears (as of 1 PM PDT) that this may finally be over, given today's likely primary results and the expected number of SDs who will endorse Obama immediately upon polls closing today... ...
by dagnome
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