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DRIP DRIP DRIP - Bloomberg's title is spot on . It goes on to say, in essence, that Romney's type of business experience doesn't equate to the type of management skills needed to be President of ...
by War on Error
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I’m out of charity and out of patience with you and your husband, Mrs. Romney. I’m especially fed up with your attempts to prove you have a grasp on real life as lived by most Americans. You ...
by irishwitch
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If you live in one of the sixteen states (and D.C.) that have legalized the use of medical marijuana, or if you live in one of the twelve states where similar legislation is pending, you may be ...
by KelleyRN2
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Dear Ann: The tee shirt didn't bother me as much as, or for the same reason, it seemed to annoy others. I have nothing against nice things or people who own them. I even own a few nice things ...
by sandyknauer
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This is Alyssa. If you read my diaries you might remember Alyssa from this account . Alyssa also used to write ...
by jpmassar
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Mr. and Mrs. Can't Do Anything Right Is Mitt Romney the ...
by Kaili Joy Gray
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First off, this is a personal story I've decided to share. It doesn't have anything to do with politics, I just thought that, of all the places I can think of, this community is the one place I ...
by Isaacsdad
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KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday and Wednesday by volunteer diarists. This is a gathering place for people who are living with disabilities, who love ...
by Jensequitur
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Tear gas, cops-gone-wild, broken windows, beaten protesters, all condensed down into headlines like "Protesters Confront Cops." By now most of you have probably read some version of Oakland's May Day;
by jpmassar
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Medical Marijuana ...
by side pocket
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Sometimes you can get a bit cocky in life. I was a caregiver for my Mom for six years so I thought I knew everything I needed to know about care giving. I brought one of my younger brothers out from ...
by michelewln
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One of the big draws of Obamacare was that at least - at the very least - expenses would be capped. No longer could someone run up a catastrophic $100,000 bill. As the President said "We will ...
by jpmassar
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I am sitting here with a friend who just asked me, "Would it be possible to blink, and the election would be over? I don't want to hear these ads for the next five months." Boy, you're not kidding.
by TheMagician
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Our government’s bipolar response to medical marijuana is enough to drive anyone crazy. Yes, we will crack down on dispensaries and growers. No, we won’t go after users. Smoking or Medical ...
by notdarkyet
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NOTE: I am writing this in a "quiet room." About income inequality, Mitt Romney infamously said, "You know, I think it’s about envy." Envy is wanting something others have that you lack, and I ...
by CatM
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It started when she was 12. Her legs were numb all the time and she couldn't figure out why. Since they had just moved from Oklahoma to Idaho she figured that she was just cold, so she cranked ...
by smileyman
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Where has the last 6 years of my life gone? The worst part of it all started in May, 2006 shortly after I was referred to a pain clinic for some of my MS and other related aches and pains. However, ...
by MarciaJ720
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There was good medical news yesterday . Let's take a walk through ME/CFS, XMRV and MS, CCSVI...
by Joel Spinhirne
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I don't suffer from MS myself or any other auto immune disorders but this is one of the most exciting discoveries since the first word on insulin and the polio vaccine. If it turns out to work as ...
by vc2
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This blog is meant to share my thoughts, ruminations, and experiences. First, coming down with Multiple Sclerosis, then trying to cure it with ayauasca. As nutty as that may sound, Western medicine ...
by josephwouk
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