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Iran has nyookular weapons!? Ohh, that's trouble. Iran sponsors ...
by occams hatchet
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A city sidewalk in a ratty side of town. A guy in a shabby suit slouches near a lampost. When another man strides briskly by and tosses aside used cigarette, the guy lunges to recover the butt ...
by quarkstomper
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I've not done a musicals diary in a long time, and I've had some showtunes stuck in my brain, and so I thought I'd write a diary with my top showtunes of all time. Are yours missing? What would you ...
by BFSkinner
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If you are looking for a political diary this is not it. But if you're looking for a diary to relax to...try this one on for size. I know I forgot your favorite musical. I have some nerve. And I ...
by BFSkinner
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/Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn/ The Germans have four violin concertos. The greatest, most uncompromising is Beethoven's. The one by Brahms vies with it in seriousness. The richest, the most ...
by Dumbo
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Ever since I was a young gaybee I fell in love with musical theater. I thought I'd write a diary posting some of the favorite plays out there, and then some of the songs from them. I know in one ...
by BFSkinner
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Nothing gets to me like a movie musical. I am partial to older movies of this genre, but as you can see below my favorites run the gambit from old to relatively new....ok, well, I did say ...
by BFSkinner
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The Hollywood Musicals of the Great Depression. Busby Berkeley. Fred and Ginger. Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler. Dolores del Rio. Gershwin. Porter. Irving Berlin! And Joan Blondell singing The ...
by Dumbo
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I thought tonight I'd share some good old fashioned hits with the great orange satan. I am not here to provide a biography of these great men, since that is ...
by BFSkinner
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and because I feel a bit like Bernadette Peters when she steps out of her confining dress in this clip from Sunday in the Park with George:
by Youffraita
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This post highlights various flavors of friendship — new, old; sarcastic, sincere; romantic, platonic; life-changing, deadly. Most of these "Top Ten" selections are duets, as befits the subject; ...
by slksfca
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It's a rather long show about the history of Broadway, especially Broadway musicals. Narrated by Julie Andrews:
by Youffraita
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I took my 15year old niece to see La Cage aux Folles over the weekend in Houston. She has been listening to the original broadway soundtrack (I've infected her with the love of George Hearn's singing)
by efrenzy
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In continuing the diary theme from last night, I'd thought I'd broaden my focus to include all different types of movies. Are there songs that you grew up with and fell in love? Some might have ...
by BFSkinner
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Or, how I learned to stop worrying and just get used to the musicals. Tonight's presentation is, I submit to you, opera: Sondheim's _Passion._ What part of it is NOT opera? True, there is some ...
by Youffraita
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This theater veteran should need no introduction:
by Youffraita
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Its time for a new top 5 diary, this time I am hoping it is as impossible as the other top 5 diaries. There are thousands of possible movie moments, from pure movie musicals to songs that happen to ...
by BFSkinner
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This one'll take ya back: Follies is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and a book by James Goldman. The story concerns a reunion in a crumbling Broadway theatre, scheduled for ...
by Youffraita
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Some of you, of a certain (ahem) age, will remember the original movie version of this one. I saw Pink Flamingos. It only worked if one had smoked some serious weed beforehand...if you know what I ...
by Youffraita
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Yes, the Rodgers & Hart musical is back, courtesy of the Encores! series at City Center, NYC. Ben Brantley's NYT review was glowing: The battle ends in a draw, natch, demonstrating the golden ...
by Youffraita
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