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Crossposted from Docudharma. This diary grew out of a comment in The Dream Before the ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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OleHippieDude, my hubby of 42 years this December, is a musician, a drummer, and has been since he was 10, so for 53 years he's played all sorts of music. We're pretty much still rockers, though. I ...
by OleHippieChick
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If you have not heard Pharrell William's song "Happy" at some point in 2014, you were likely living under a rock. The album G I R L that "Happy" is on, has sold over ten million copies worldwide. ...
by Mark E Andersen
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With the lockout of the Minnesota Orchestra musicians approaching the one year mark , and with Music Director Osmo Vänskä threatening to resign if the lockout is not ...
by FactsNotFiction
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During November and December the forces of commercialism and religious tradition converge to predetermine the set lists of musicians more than any other time of the year. Christmas is a busy time ...
by Doctor Jazz
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A few days ago, I get a call about 2:30 a.m. from my friend who plays in a band. I hear something in the cadence and sound of his voice I have not heard in the 15 some odd years we have shared a ...
by mixedbag
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Welcome! This is a continuation of the Mon Oct 26, 2009 topic. Today's Topic: Music and Animals, Part 2 - Musicians There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life:
by Amber6541
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 Virginia Senators, Mark Warner (D-VA) and Tim Kaine (D-VA), along with Meghan McCain (Author and daughter of Senator John McCain) have now joined UniteWomen.org’s fight against sexual violence.
by Leslie Salzillo
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A tiny woman with a preternaturally deep voice, Gangubai Hangal achieved national fame in India as one of the greatest singers of the ornate improvisational artsong called khyal ("...
by WarrenS
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June 13th, 1990 It was probably, for most folks, another ordinary day. It was a Wednesday ( I remembered that, for some strange reason), a gallon ...
by mrpiano
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Today is it, we've finally gotten to the end of the alphabet on our journey to find the best musicians/performers/groups that start with each letter of the alphabet. If your favorite group is ...
by BFSkinner
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Everett Andersen and the band Cast My thirteen year old son recently completed an intensive two week long “ rock workshop ” where he was in a band. During these two weeks they wrote two songs ...
by Mark E Andersen
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Wow. That's all I can say. I've no idea how anyone can pick just one for the best *L* act, but men and women we're now up to the letter *L* on our 26-stop trip to find the bands, singers and ...
by BFSkinner
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I found myself choking up on and off throughout, and I recorded it, so I went back and kept watching particular clips over and over again, the ones that really got me. And I'm torn. I felt the ...
by DTG in STL
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Republican presidential candidates have a history of annoying unsuspecting musicians by using their songs while campaigning, and 2008 is no exception. So far this election season, John McCain ...
by utopiandrive
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In our tour of the alphabet we're now at the letter *u* in trying to find the best musicial acts that start with each letter of the alphabet. There are not that many *U* groups, so your task, if ...
by BFSkinner
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Are you musical? Do you find yourself tapping along to songs you hear? Critiquing them? Figuring out ways to improve the intro, the bridge, the verse, the chorus? Do you play an instrument? Do ...
by madhaus
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I got my first guitar in about 1959 when I was 12...I have been fascinated by them ever since. I have a LOT of guitars now, and I find many of the "cheaper" guitars are my favorites...better playing ...
by old mark
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What the members of the Dixie Chicks still refer to as “The Incident” occurred on March 10, 2003, ten days before the United States invaded Iraq. "It felt pretty trite to me to be doing a show ...
by Richard Riis
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I am hearing impaired. I have less than 25 percent hearing in the left ear and the right ear is declining as well, though at a slower rate. I began losing my hearing at age 18, due to a congenital ...
by Kaos
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