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Recently I posted a comment, a rant really, in a diary about Ted Rall, the cartoonist we've all been debating as of late, explaining why I found myself deeply troubled over his depictions of ...
by ZhenRen
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$343 is not that much money...but it is needed by tomorrow. I posted a diary earlier via the Daily Kos Fund Raisers group, but it didn't get much attention and only raised $60 - which I and Fineena ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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Marabout40 needs our help. If you want to help, please do two things: 1) send a bit to Marabout40 via Paypal or otherwise if you can (see below). 2) rec THIS diary , so it gets on the rec list and ...
by jpmassar
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Last month the independent financial and political journalist and activist, Eric Laursen, spoke at the Tucson Book Festival about his work, The People’s Pension: The Struggle to Defend Social ...
by cosmic debris
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Thanks everyone for responding to an urgent need yesterday. One of our own was in trouble and you guys came through...as you so often do. Here is the diary from yesterday that this is in reference ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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I know putting Candidate Free ensures that no one but my friends will read this mini-missive, but since the only ones likely to read this are my fellow non-fiddling koss(acks,ites, pick your ...
by farmerchuck
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To begin, a confession: I do not take very good care of my bicycle. I tend to let problems go on way too long, figuring that as long as the thing still rolls, I might as well not get my hands dirty. ...
by andrewmcleod
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Chacounne, aka: Standing for justice and accountability, For Dan, Heather needs our help. We all know her as the relentless anti-...
by UnaSpenser
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by ZhenRen
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The Ride for Farmers, to accommodate requests now coming in from riders in other parts of Pennsylvania, and even from other parts of the country, is expanding the "trail". For all those concerned ...
by Scaredhuman
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People don't plan to fail. They fail to plan. Yesterday, I wrote an essay warning how they are ...
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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I was out and about today and I got some very disturbing information on the condition of our veterans community. This came in the context of conversations about overall problems with electric bills,
by Stranded Wind
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Shocking, shocking: Many companies insist that their employees give them their social network logins. An article in The New York Times, Even if it Enrages Your Boss, Social Net Speak is Protected , ...
by mariesamuels
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Note: When this diary was published Galtisalie was still a separate pseudonym from Francisco Nejdanov Solomin. Here's an explanation for the prior separate pseudonyms and the decision to discard the ...
by Galtisalie
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