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As the death toll from the drug war in Mexico surpasses 30,000 , a bombshell report ...
by The Anomaly
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It gets more and more surreal. Since the U.S. government is now a wholly owned subsidiary of a conglomerate of defense contractors and the fossil fuels industries, it's important to find new and ...
by Laurence Lewis
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The term narcotic is actually pretty archaic, since many drugs that are not narcotics have traditionally been lumped in with the true narcotics, but it is a term that people ...
by Translator
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Via Politico.com :Sherry L. Johnston, Bristol Palin’s future mother-in-law, was arrested Thursday night on drug ...
by JCWilmore
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Yet again, breaking headlines announce another new mass killing in Mexico by heavily armed men, presumably narco-traffickers. Yesterday,
by el cid
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Most of the people here at the big Orange know me, as I usually put it out there, as far as my health, my medical problems, PTSD etc, and for my veterans advocacy. I have tried to help other ...
by testvet6778
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I mentioned this yesterday but at the time I assumed that it would get some attention. Now it appears to have gone down the memory hole.
by therealcervantes
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Have you had the fun experience of being judged just because you have to take pain meds? It really is a different experience. So many people you don't know and who don't have a clue about your ...
by funtony47
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Pain Sucks. Depression sucks. Depression caused by living in pain sucks. For most of us living with chronic pain, life has changed from when we were pain free. Chronic pain is a special disease. ...
by funtony47
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Florida has a problem that doesn't get much play. It's for the most misunderstood patient. It's for the patient most government officials don't care about. It's for patients that are most likely to ...
by JDWolverton
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by nephalim
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We can send troops over to Afghanistan and use force to suppress criminals and thugs. The actions will probably help to suppress the Taliban, and help to stabilize Pakistan. Keep in mind, this ...
by shpilk
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The Founding Fathers never wanted a national police force. In fact, there were adamantly opposed to the idea, having a strong ...
by guither
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Today, August 8 of this year of our Goddess, I shall be (chas v'chalilah) ripped open like a bursting pinata and my innards will be put back inside. I hope they remember to sew me up. Okay, real ...
by KAMuston
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Professor Emeritus Allen Frances, of Duke University, who was charimen of a DSM-IV task force, asks Does Pharma Have ...
by HoundDog
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I'm a recovering addict named Joe. I have been clean since January 25th, 1995 using the twelve steps, first through Alcoholics Anonymous, and then beginning in 2004 Narcotics Anonymous. Today, ...
by joegee
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by NickKaters
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Today's GOP has bet the proverbial farm on Grover Norquist'...
by Desi
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Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has withdrawn from participation. Karzai brothers triumph. The country's central government is expected to remain under control of narcotics cartels, as allied with the major ...
by vets74
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by rktect
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