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by Major Danby
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Apparently, there is no truth to the rumor that calls for withdrawing troops from Iraq is demoralizing the troops. In fact, calls for withdrawal have the troops standing and cheering, ...
by quaoar
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Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel fired a shot across the bow today of Nine Red states that have refused to follow directives from the Dept of Defense and issue Military identification cards to the ...
by Nebraskablue
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The phone rang at 2:30 early Thursday morning. As I stumbled down the hallway, the answering machine picked up, and my daughter’s voice trembled. “ I just got a text message from my ...
by esjay
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Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has reminded us that President Bush’s disastrous misadventure in Iraq has purposely left states unprepared and unable to respond adequately to natural ...
by motormouth
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This from a military run by the number one Deserter-In-Chief... A New Hampshire ...
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In Memoriam: SGT Buddy James 'Doc' Hughie 23 October 1981 - 19 February ...
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by joan reports
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The second levee breached in Des Moines Iowa, an evacuation of the city is now under order. for the river districts http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/frontpage Plan A has Failed, ...
by nathguy
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by kainah
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Notified, how do you like that word ? How would you like it if it meant you were to go back to Iraq as much as 3 yrs earlier then you should ? That is the News they got. Doesn't sound to me like ...
by OneCrankyDom
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by kainah
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The White House's resistance to having its aides testify openly and under oath is giving me flashbacks to when director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff testilied about my being fired from the ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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As the son of a union organizer and as former union member, when I heard that the national guard was being called out I knew deep in my bones what it meant. If you know the history you hear the ...
by YellerDog
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Good for Mr. Rather! After being swiftboated by the far Right and having the story of Bush the 2nd going AWOL being ...
by KiTA
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Last week, my little cousin was deployed to Iraq.
by sallykohn
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