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I couldn't help but notice the GOP twitterati whipping out their instant and expected responses to the storms that devastated the southern tier. ...
by Bob Johnson
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Someone at the National Weather Service office in Anchorage, Alaska inserted a hidden "PLEASE PAY US" message in this morning's forecast discussion (a product that gives the forecaster's scientific ...
by weatherdude
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Earlier this year, The Weather Channel, owned in large part by Bain Capital, announced that it was going to take it upon itself to assign names to winter storms so that the public can easily keep ...
by weatherdude
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A GOES 13 image of Hurricane Sandy, seen a few days before landfall. NOAA's GOES 13 weather satellite has failed for the second time in the last 8 months. GOES-East (as it's commonly known) ...
by weatherdude
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A storm that formed off the Aleutian islands is preparing to move inland ...
by Steven D
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by terrypinder
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Black Sunday , April 14, 1935, Dodge City, Kansas --
by jamess
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This is a repost of a diary I posted exactly one year ago tomorrow, and it's as ...
by weatherdude
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When things get bad during the spring tornado season, what organization is at the forefront of the situation, issuing forecasts and crucial tornado warnings that even the private weather companies ...
by weatherdude
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And you thought it was Hot in your neck of the woods, this summer. Just take a serious look at the Texas Broiler that's been set on Scorching all summer ...
by jamess
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First the number of wildfires this winter and spring were unusually high. Then the tornadoes and the extreme storms that hatched them were unusually numerous and destructive. Then the flooding was,
by Steven D
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"P-shaw" says you. As though even the likes of even Foxed-up News would go so far as to propose eliminating the NWS while a deadly hurricane (Irene) chews up the east coast of the USA and is taking ...
by Celtic Merlin
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The people in the Southern Plains, and Midwest of the United States live with the fear of weather that can kill us. Every year, primarily in spring, we prepare our "fraidy holes" and put new ...
by twigg
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by Hunter
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Tropical Storm Isaac With Republicans having wisely and responsibly cancelled the first day of their National Convention as ...
by Laurence Lewis
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Knowing how to track severe weather on your own is a crucial part of keeping you and your family safe year-round. The best tool to use in your quest for severe weather information is the United ...
by weatherdude
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Rick Santorum announced on Faux News today that he's formed an exploratory committee to run for the 2012 presidential nomination of the Republican Party.
by weatherdude
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Turning on the news tonight, the local news stations are flagging a low pressure weather system swirling up out of Pennsylvania into central New York and slowly moving to the east into New ...
by xaxnar
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A big news story is the storm delivering large amounts of rain to California. SF Gate has pictures and more on the storm that is causing floods, power outages, and headaches for travelers. ...
by xaxnar
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I guess $2-3 Billion in Budget Savings is just "peanuts" if you're a Wall Street Journal editor, or the Majority Leader of the House too ...
by jamess
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