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I haven't seen this diaried yet, despite diligent searching. If I missed something, please let me know and I'll delete. Barack Obama was formally adopted into the Crow Nation today -- and given the ...
by ChristieKeith
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The use of multiple e-mail accounts to bypass the spirit and letter of the law governing White House documents and communications is a ...
by dengre
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For many the Jack Abramoff scandal is old news, ancient history and in the past. As the corrupt Bush Administration winds down many of his corrupt fellow travelers are hoping that the Abramoff ...
by dengre
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The use of the expression "off the reservation" is a pet peeve of mine. When considered in historical ...
by Land of Enchantment
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It’s a Washington truism: The cover-up is always worse than the crime . It is true only in terms of being caught. Convictions associated with a cover-up ...
by dengre
Comment Count 235 comments on Sun May 13, 2007 at 10:49 PM PDT with 694 Recommends
Traveling New Mexico by small plane today with the Chair of the state Democratic Party, the New Mexico Speaker of the House, the State Auditor and various candidates. Lots of energy and spirit ...
by flitedocnm
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On Rachel Maddow's show on Thursday night, Pat Buchanan said this : White men were 100% of the people that wrote ...
by ttujoe
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Child suicides remind us of challenges facing Indian Country Over the past few months we’ve seen plenty of news stories about celebrities going in and out of jail and fed-up ...
by The Office of Senator Jon Tester
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It is not a slow news night/day/week/month. Still, I am glad to see that John Doolittle is crashing and that his former aide, Kevin Ring, seems to ...
by dengre
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There is something wrong with this picture :
by dengre
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Former Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller Dies Wilma Mankiller, the once dirt-...
by sjcyoung
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Winter Rabbit posted this diary on Tuesday night . This is an important report and perhaps you'll do what I did and send ...
by navajo
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Tonight I raise a glass to those in and out of power, those in and out of the media and those in and out of Government who fight the Bush/Gingrich/Abramoff/Rove/DeLay ...
by dengre
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At The Last Real Indians , Ruth Hopkins (a Sisseton Wahpeton and Mdewakanton Dakota/Hunkpapa Lakota) notes the latest in-your-face racism displayed by students at the University of North Dakota's ...
by Meteor Blades
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UPDATE: Pretty Bird Woman House WILL NOT FAIL. There's been an effort to raise $25k by May 31st, otherwise this women's shelter serving Native Americans (who suffer soaring rates of ...
by njgoldfinch
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What do you think of when someone says "California"? Beaches? Sunshine? Hollywood? How about the largest act of genocide in American history? "The idea, strange as it may appear, never ...
by gjohnsit
Comment Count 384 comments on Thu Aug 14, 2008 at 08:02 PM PDT with 481 Recommends
McCain will not be the GOP nominee. He is too compromised and has too many enemies. And scandal will be a big part of McCain’s fall. Unlike 2000, ...
by dengre
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by Aji
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Since the very beginning of the United States, the idea of American citizenship for Indians has been a controversial subject. American government is based on Native American models. American ...
by Ojibwa
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I came here in brust of optimism. I thought, I had experiences and perspective that might be valuable. I know now that they don't. My gramtical errors were entertaining. I am sorry, that I insulted ...
by wartoad
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