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Corporate television is having a near total news blackout on Iraq and Afghanistan. Reporters covering the wars have gone on record saying ...
by Magnifico
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It seems that in her fight to save her name she wasn't following the letter of the law. An ethics complaint obtained by NBC News was filed Wednesday by the police officers union in ...
by MsLibrarian
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Big move from Obama, as he is purchasing 1/2 hour of primetime on CBS, and negotiating with other stations as well.
by turneresq
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I sent an email to my list today, and I thought I'd post a note here as well. As you might have heard, I'm opposing the NBC/Comcast merger in its current form. I wanted to write you today to explain ...
by Al Franken
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For those of you who watched the Olympics last night, you saw one of the great upsets - Australian Matthew Mitcham winning the gold medal in the men's 10 metre platform. He won on his last dive, ...
by seanflynn
Comment Count 878 comments on Sun Aug 24, 2008 at 09:09 AM PDT with 853 Recommends
This is not an "I adore Rachel" diary. (although I do) This is a "wake-up NBC" as you have solid gold in your hand. Now, use it wisely. Yesterday, the Guardian had this headline: ...
by Julie Gulden
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From what we see on network and cable news shows every day, and from the robust media criticism on the Internets, much of us suspect that kowtowing to power, either for access to powerful ...
by devtob
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The final-final update; Jack Tapper over at ABC is all over it! The McCain campaign is only answering in geographical terms ...
by Setrak
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I think we can all pretty much agree that Barack Obama had a pretty good night last night. But I was equally thrilled/impressed with Joe Biden. How nice it is to have a VP that we can trust to go on ...
by Muzikal203
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I just watched a stunning performance by Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC. He just callled out his employer - NBC - for being complicit in Donald Trump's racist campaign against the President of the ...
by davidkc
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One of my jobs in real life is as a plaintiff's-side employment attorney in California. (Taking such cases is speculative work; I also do other things for a more stable income, but I did this work ...
by Seneca Doane
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Yesterday on NBC’s Sunday talk show “Meet the Press” with host David Gregory, a misquote was perpetuated by its host. And after 24 hours, neither NBC nor David Gregory has said a word as ...
by David Phillips
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Kos's front-pager over here on the copyright lawers at Baker + Hostetler trying to put the genie and the toothpaste and the spilled milk back into the bottle is an even deeper issue than he posits, ...
by Keith Olbermann
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Keith Olbermann has built Countdown into the fastest growing cable news program. He is the most watched ...
by KingOneEye
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On MSNBCNews today, Melissa Harris-Perry read her open letter to Washington Post columnist George Will in response to his column from Monday. Within that article, George Will argues the reason Obama ...
by AmBushed
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I voted many times but this was the first time I've ever seen an exit poll outside my polling place. It was also the first time I was chosen to participate in an exit poll. Apparently AP, ABC, NBC,
by Steven D
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Over on the NBC News website, Chucky just asked, " What if all the negative healthcare headlines go away? " Well, that's a really odd question.
by illinifan17
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Posting here on behalf of @Symbolman:
by TBTM Julie
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Via TVNewser , the New York Times is ...
by Hell Upside Down
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A Gay, NY, Liberal Jew here. Are there anti-Semites on this site of over 500,000? Uh, yeah. And, there are racists, sexists, homophobes, etc. Just like in the real world. You can find them ...
by Junglered1
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