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Cross-post: Brudaimonia | Link: dKos Environmentalists As we look back ...
by Brudaimonia
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OK, there I got your attention. I cannot help but notice that every last major massacre since Columbine has happened in a suburban or exurban community. I will guess that in big cities there are ...
by DavidMS
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by ManfromMiddletown
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My home island of Maui recently had the dubious honor of reaching the price of $6 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline ...
by raatz
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by SpleenOrnament
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I've been meaning to write this diary for awhile now. Even though we're eyebrows deep in the Silly Season, we should take the time to take a look at other issues that affect us. I hope you'll give ...
by terrypinder
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Mount Pleasant, SC- In the waning days of 1999, as I was planning the children’s activities for the First Night Charleston Millennium celebration in Charleston, SC, I signed a contract to purchase ...
by wjhamilton29464
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This was exactly the topic of Ben Adler’s piece “A Tale of Two Exurbs” published last month at The American Prospect. Adler details life in two Washington, DC “exurbs”&...
by SocialScienceLite
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Housing subdivision near Union, Kentucky, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.
by futurebird
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I've always wondered why so many of the right call themselves "conservatives" when they are nothing of the sort. At the end of the so called "golden age of conservatism," (not my formulation btw) ...
by sjtenn
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I'm certain some of you can relate to this: I drive about 20 miles to my office, which is located by ...
by futurebird
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Note: this is a cross-post from The Realignment Project . Follow us on Facebook ! Introduction: In the past, I’ve written about the way in which new urbanism needs to do a better job attending ...
by Vikingkingq
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