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This is a reminder about the BlogRaiser coming up on February 1. You can see the details below. I think this race is extremely important for ...
by NYBri
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Last week we learned that there were as many as nine tea partiers in Montana who's switched to the Democratic party in hopes of entering our primaries. Well...they're OUT now and here's what happened.
by mdmslle
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adapted from a post at the albany project New York State Senate Republicans are awfully sore losers and, well, they are taking it ...
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I tried to write a roundup of what's going down in New York on Saturday but was thwarted by the internet gnomes that were migrating Big Orange at the time. A lot has happened since then! Here's ...
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( Adapted from a post at the ...
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A) Democrat. B) Not. Andrew Cuomo must ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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According to the Capital Confidential , a marriage equality bill will ...
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Watch New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wriggle like the snake he is. From ...
by David Nir
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The story of how I essentially worked as a front—albeit, with the glorified title of Director of Communications—for a New York State Senator running for her 13th term in office.
by tony kelso
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What? Welcome to New York. IDC and Senate GOP Announce Coalition Government There are now 63 State Senate Districts in New York. Officially 2 of those districts are still being counted. However ...
by Andrew C White
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The five quisling New York State Senators of the so-called "Independent Democratic Caucus", who betrayed the Democratic Party and the voters by aligning themselves with the Republicans in the State ...
by Its the Supreme Court Stupid
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Since last Monday, the New York State Senate has been gridlocked . As it currently stands, the ...
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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo New York Times : [A]ll of [New York's] statewide elected officials are white ...
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