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So, CLEARLY I need to set the record straight about something. In the run up to these dueling Netroots For The Troops ...
by JeffLieber
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I was the little sister. When I was three, my oldest brother, Don Reed, left for the military, followed in a few years by my brother John, and a few years later by my brother David. We were proud of "
by Elizabeth Warren
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Did the outrageous title of this diary prompt you open it? If so, that was what I intended. It’s a shame that we have to go to these lengths to get people’s attention around here. Sorry to ...
by StateOfGrace
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I realize that it's been awhile since Netroots Nation, but I've been meaning to write this diary for awhile. As a veteran myself, I want to thank everyone who put together the Netroots for the ...
by Nameless Soldier
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The day before the conference began, my husband and I were in the exhibition hall setting up the IGTNT war memorial panels. The security guard for the Rio came by and quietly read the list of names ...
by Sandy on Signal
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This is primarily going to be a photodiary about our amazingly successful Netroots for the Troops event at Netroots Nation this year. However, I must first tell you that Tony (TexDem) is currently ...
by Eclectablog
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This morning he woke up again on the couch, as he always does. He hasn't been in our bed, my bed, in a long time. It took the wise words of our god-daughter, someone who works with Veterans, to ...
by Onomastic
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I don't like ALL CAPS in headlines, but golly, I just LOVE announcing good news. Can we have a drum roll, please?!
by noweasels
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Update: jnhobbs has issued a challenge. A dollar for every recommendation. Get reccing!!! Good afternoon Kossacks. I am here to ask you to open your hearts ...
by blue jersey mom
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Thanks to all Kossacks who voted in yesterday's C&J for your friend and humble narrator. Now the time has come to put your donation money where your online mouth is and send some click-cash to a ...
by droogie6655321
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PLEEEE-EEEASE!!!??? I got a tepid response to my last call for volunteers for the Netroots for the Troops CARE package assembly, staging and booth shifts in my last post so I'm doing another to see ...
by Eclectablog
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Okay, now I'm begging I'm beginning to get a bit panicky because I have TONS of empty shifts at the booth and for staging at our Netroots for the Troops "33-Minute Miracle" CARE package assembly ...
by Eclectablog
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First of all, *NFTT thanks you*, the donors, for your donation that helped us purchase the items for the 300 boxes that we are about to pack. It's been a exciting ride to breaking $ *57,000* (w00t!)
by Dania Audax
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These are United States Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey and Sgt. Rex. They were wounded together during their second tour of duty in Iraq. Cpl. Leavey received the Purple Heart, the Combat Valor Medal ...
by noweasels
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In our continuing series on Netroots for the Troops, our effort to pack & send 101 care packeges to the troops, we come to my turn. This was originally going to be about fitness gifts for the troops,
by anotherdemocrat
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I need you, not that you can do anything about what has been pulling at my heart for over thirty years. That's how long my son has been fighting his own war of survival against health issues that ...
by Onomastic
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Six (free or inexpensive) Ways You Can Help Maybe you've seen NFTT and didn't know what it meant, now you know. So when you see those letters jump in and lend a hand.
by TexDem
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The ...
by roses
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I have been acquainted with this saying for a long time. I grew up in the Vietnam era, graduated from high school in 1965 with a fairly large graduating class. Because of the draft at that time, ...
by Proud Mom and Grandma
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And it's very simple what I need you for: your money. No aspect of Netroots Nation makes me prouder than Netroots for the Troops, a volunteer-driven year-round effort to fundraise for and provide ...
by Adam B
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